Micro Products to Offer More Customized Solutions for Manufacturing Precision


Precision in a manufactured product depends on the precision of the cutting edge of a large number of tools set that go into manufacturing a product. However, any tools are subject to wear and tear due to long use which hampers consistency and precision. Grinding wheels are the instruments that once again make tools fit for manufacturing processes by sharpening or re-sharpening them. Grinding tools are also inevitable in some cases in processing difficult-to-machine materials like glass and ceramics.

Gujarat based Micro Products is a leading manufacturer and supplier of resin-based grinding wheels with a sizeable market share in the segment. The company offers Resin Bonded Diamond Wheels and CBN Wheels, Hybrid Bonded Diamond and CBN Wheels, Verified Bonded Diamond and CBN Wheels to a large number of manufacturing industries for sharpening carbide tools and CNC machine tools.

Micro Products is participating in IPTEX-GRINDEX 2020 which will be held from 13th to 15th February 2020 at Pune. Machine Maker spoke to Vijay Pachani, Partner, Micro Products to know more about Micro Products participation and its future plans.

Started in 2000, Micro Products has carved out its name as a reliable partner of various manufacturing industries in the niche segment of providing solutions for sharpening various carbide tools as well as CNC machine tools.

Micro Products is fully geared up with all its product range to be put on display in its stall during the exhibition. “Our main objective for participating at the exhibition is to create awareness about our solutions among a wider range of target customers”, Vijay says.



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