MMT: Economic Solutions for all Gear Manufacturing Processes from Forging to Hard Finishing

Sonal Dhar Jayanth B Kodikal
Sonal Dhar Jayanth B Kodikal

Legend!!! That’s what you call someone for having more than 6 decades of experience and expertise in a particular field. Matchless Machines is the direct result of a legend in the gear manufacturing industry – Jayanth B Kodikal. With his long stint in the gear manufacturing industry, Mr. Kodikal was one of the first persons to visit China and establish a line of communication with respect to Gear business and has vetted several companies that were worth representing. For the past 22 years, the company has been marketing machines and has been the authorized representative of some of the world leaders of the machine tool industry.

Hari Shanker, Managing Editor of Machine Maker spoke to Sonal Dhar, Executive Management Team, Matchless Machines and we bring you the complete coverage. Sonal is Mr. Kodikal’s niece and she has been running the business for Kodikal for about 6 years now. She has a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and prior to working with Matchless Machines, she had taught at an engineering college for about 17 years. She expressed that although this is a male-dominated industry she has been accepted by the industry as well as the customers and that she is grateful for it.

Matchless Machines are marketing innovative solutions in gear manufacturing technology for India from their Principals that are manufactured from countries around the world, such as Europe, China, Korea, etc. The company has been in business for over 20 years and represents companies like KONIG-mtm, Germany for precision clamping systems, which are used in major reputed gear grinding machines. If gear manufacturers are keen on high accuracy and low set-up time or if they want to change from one component to another with regard to clamping, KONIG fixtures are widely preferred and accepted.

Matchless Machines represent CJMT, a Chinese company, and Sonal said that contrary to the popular belief that Chinese products are of poor quality CJMT products are of high quality. She added that their company has represented CJMT for over 15 years and that they do not recommend a manufacturer or their product without thorough inspection and quality checks.



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