Machenzzo with Unique & Patented Solutions visions to make Critical Manufacturing, Easy!

Keshav Padia 1
Keshav Padia 1

Providing critical solutions to complicated problems that exist in the machining industry is a mission for the young and innovative team at Machenzzo India Private Limited. Since 2012, part of the four decades old Padia Group, Machenzzo has been looking deep into the areas and problems that are otherwise neglected or deemed impossible in the respective industry and has consistently been able to provide unique solutions both efficiently and creatively. In a recent conversation we had with their Director Keshav Padia at the IPTEX GRINDEX 2020 Pune, we bring you the inside story of Machenzzo.

Padia Group was established in the year 1978 starting dealing with industrial oils. Since then the company has evolved into a complete machining solutions provider. Padia Group has companies like Sunshine Tech Private Limited and Machenzzo India in its fold. Padia Group is a trusted partner of global cutting tool companies with niche solutions for carrying out their business in India, and has been at the forefront of machining solutions and knowledge that drive the industry standards and innovations as per the demand of the metalworking industry.

Machenzzo is a renowned and trusted name in the Indian machining industry for providing innovative and leading cutting tools. Machenzzo has years of cumulative experience and are diversified in their work in the Indian industry. This in turn brings value addition and helps them understand every need of their customers.



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