Empire Machine Tools offers its Basket Proven Solutions for the Transmission Sector

naveen patel
naveen patel

Empire Machine Tools has been a market leader in the particular sector for over 70 years with its rich experience and nonpareil reputation. Machine Maker interviewed  Naveen Patel, Vice President, Business Development, Empire Machine Tools, Metal Cutting and Allied Technologies (EMT-MCAT) and brings you the full coverage of their business and participation in the upcoming IPTEX-GRINDEX 2020 exhibition. The Mumbai based company has been engaged in the sales and services of cutting-edge machine tools from global market leaders. Empire Machine Tools was established in the year 1945 and since then it has been refocusing and realigning itself to the evolving market and to provide cost-effective machines.

EMT has had the privilege of being the pioneer in introducing advanced technologies to the Indian market and offering support through unmatched and reliable after-sales service and engineering services. The company for long has strongly represented world-class and state of the art machine tool companies in metal cutting such as WALDRICH COBURG, WFL, Profilator, Drake, Buffoli, GORATU, etc. With an experience of more than a decade in reputed European machine tools and machine tool accessories companies, Naveen joined EMT-MCAT in the year 2015 as Vice-President of Business Development.



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