Promoting Sustainability Technovos Launches GaadE- Electric Wheelbarrow

Electric wheelbarrow

Bengaluru-based Tech-Startup Technovos, one of the prominent innovators in sustainable mobility solutions, has unveiled its newest product, the GaadE Electric Wheelbarrow. This introduction marks a significant advancement in manual-material handling tasks, fundamentally transforming various industries. This new technology promises farmers and agronomists relief from manual labour, providing a versatile and effective solution that enhances farm operations and crop management practices.

Specializing in innovative technologies, Technovos leads the charge in advancing emission-free and energy-efficient transportation systems. Focusing on precision agriculture and warehouse logistics, their electric wheelbarrows represent a game-changing innovation, streamlining operations and reducing costs while prioritizing environmental responsibility and industrial safety. Pushing the boundaries of conventional practices across agriculture, logistics, construction, and beyond, the Wheelbarrow emerges as one of the pioneers in sustainable convergence. Far surpassing mere electric motor enhancements of its traditional counterparts, the innovation comes with the state-of-the-art technology and environmental consciousness.

Founded in 2019 by Bharath Anantha and Dr Archana Ram Prasad, Technovos delivers cutting-edge solutions for the construction, industrial, and heavy engineering sectors

With the unveiling of its latest innovation, Bharath Anantha Srinivas, the CEO and Founder of Technovos, expressed, “In an era dominated by technological advancements shaping our daily lives, Technovos strives to be the driving force revolutionizing Agritech and sustainable mobility. Our newest creation, the Electric Wheelbarrow, signifies a paradigm shift in material movement, offering a purpose-built electric wheelbarrow that exemplifies excellence from inception to execution.”

Spearheaded by Electric Propulsion, the new GaadE- Electric Wheelbarrow harnesses the power of a 4KW 3 3-phase induction motor to facilitate efficient transportation of substantial loads. Leveraging advanced sensors and AI algorithms, it introduces self-navigation, obstacle detection, and precise manoeuvrability capabilities. Additionally, it touts an impressive loading capacity capable of handling 80% of tasks, thereby minimizing the reliance on human exertion.

Advancing sustainable transportation to new heights and adopting emission-free and energy-efficient systems pave the way for a more environmentally conscious future. Introducing electric wheelbarrows into the Precision AgriTech sector represents an innovation, offering a pathway to automation and alleviating the labour-intensive nature of farming. Integrating GaadE Electric Wheelbarrows in warehouse logistics signifies an advancement in material handling efficiency and sustainability initiatives.

This innovative solution is poised to revolutionize warehouse and logistics operations, streamlining processes and reducing costs while prioritizing industrial safety and environmental stewardship. Technovos has distinguished itself by introducing India’s premier purpose-built Electric Wheelbarrow to fill a void in the hyper-local market. With this launch, the company demonstrates its dedication to pioneering sustainable mobility solutions that address the inefficiencies of traditional material movement methods across various sectors. Technovos plans to continue its innovation journey with the development of autonomous wheelbarrows following the success of its electric wheelbarrows.


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