Steam-Powered Excellence: Spirax Sarco’s Innovation Journey in India

Sriram Vaidyanathan, General Manager of Sales, and Ravi Gundappa, General Manager of Supply Chain, Spirax Sarco

Known for its versatility, steam is as an impactful force in various industrial processes, capable of heating or sterilizing with exceptional efficacy. It emerges as the preferred choice in a multitude of applications globally, ranging from food production and oil refining to beer manufacturing and drug production. With its ability to deliver safe, sustainable, and efficient energy, steam plays a pivotal role in enhancing operational processes across diverse industries.

In the vibrant city of Chennai, amidst the Tamil Nadu Global Investors Meet at the Chennai Trade Center, Spirax Sarco, a seasoned UK-based company, showcased its advancements in steam-technology innovations at the UK Pavilion. The occasion brought forth an insightful and exclusive conversation between Hari Shanker, the Managing Editor of Machine Maker and Spirax Sarco representatives, Sriram Vaidyanathan, General Manager of Sales, and Ravi Gundappa, General Manager of Supply Chain, unraveling the journey of Spirax Sarco in India.

Spirax Sarco, one of the key allies for companies grappling with energy challenges, high operational costs, and stringent legislation, offers comprehensive solutions to achieve significant outcomes. The company specializes in emission reduction, aligning its strategies with sustainability goals. Spirax Sarco’s expertise extends to minimizing energy waste, optimizing consumption, and effectively reducing overall energy costs. Addressing concerns about water use, the company promotes sustainable practices and efficient resource conservation.

The technologies developed by Spirax Sarco are meticulously designed to enhance productivity by optimizing processes and minimizing downtime. Spirax Sarco ensures operational reliability through the deployment of advanced technologies and systems, facilitating a consistent and efficient operation. Implementation of Spirax Sarco solutions results in a considerable reduction in operational costs, contributing significantly to improved financial performance. In essence, Spirax Sarco emerges as one of the holistic solution providers for energy management and operational efficiency, tailored to meet the unique challenges faced by businesses in today’s competitive landscape.

Spirax Sarco, with its roots tracing back to the 1950s, initially entered India through a joint venture. However, recognizing the growing potential of the Indian economy in 2014, the company decided to invest directly, marking eight years of its consistent presence in the country. As Sriram Vaidyanathan narrated the company’s development potentials, he emphasized Spirax Sarco’s global dominance as one of the market leaders in steam and thermal energy solutions. The company’s footprint extends across industries, including food and beverage, pharmaceutical, healthcare, chemical, and power. Wherever steam is integral, Spirax Sarco positions itself as a pivotal player.

Ravi Gundappa, the custodian of manufacturing operations, shared intricate details on the significant advantages Indian customers gain through local production. The paramount benefit lies in access to the latest global technology. Spirax Sarco ensures the seamless transfer of cutting-edge technology to the Indian market, bolstering its competence in supporting diverse industry needs.

Considering the robust manufacturing heritage of the UK, the conversation further probed into the ways Spirax Sarco’s global experience enriches the Indian market. Mr Vaidyanathan reflected the company’s substantial investment in research and development, focusing on enhancing process productivity, sustainability, and energy efficiency. Spirax Sarco’s vision extends to embracing digital elements in its offerings, with solutions allowing customers to manage their steam systems seamlessly through their phones.

Mr Vaidyanathan also mentioned that historically, India experienced delays in adopting new technologies. In his words, “Yet, with Spirax Sarco’s global influence, we swiftly introduce cutting-edge steam engineering products to the Indian market. As leaders on the global stage, Spirax Sarco dedicates substantial resources to annual research and development endeavors, emphasizing activities related to progressive development.”

Spirax Sarco’s focal points include enhancing process productivity, championing sustainability – a current buzzword, and optimizing energy efficiency. Notably, the company has actively integrated digital elements into their solutions, allowing customers to directly manage their steam systems via mobile devices. This highlights their contributions in digital innovation and technological advancement.

In the backdrop of India’s cost-competitive market, Sriram Vaidyanathan also acknowledged the competitive pressures faced by Spirax Sarco. However, he pointed out a crucial distinction – while they represent Spirax Sarco of the UK, global leaders, the products supplied in India are of Spirax design. This technological advantage ensures Indian customers have access to the latest advancements, reinforcing the company’s position in the market.

The story of Spirax Sarco’s journey in India is a demonstration of its enduring legacy, adherence to technological innovation, and its integral role in supporting the diverse landscape of Indian manufacturing. The conversation has captured the essence of Spirax Sarco’s resilience and adaptability in a dynamic market.


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