Smartflower Intelligent and Efficient Solar System


Smartflower is a wonderful way to produce all the clean energy we require in our backyard. This innovation is manufactured by Germany based Smartflower Energy Technology GmbH. This innovative all-in-one solar system, which is the first of its kind in the world is developed by the Founder and Managing Partner Alexander Swatek.

Smartflower moves according to the Sun’s position throughout the day in such a manner that it is always at a right angle with the sun rays. This is true even in cloudy conditions and also in winter when the Sun is lower on the horizon. So, the efficiency of solar energy production is very high. The solar modular fan has an area of 18 sq. m. It has been estimated that 1 year of Smartflower exposure to the Sun generates about 4,000 kWh of electricity, which can suffice for the yearly consumption of a 4-person household. The actual energy produced varies from one location to another. The range is from 3,400 to 6,200 kWh per year.

It has a lower space requirement as compared with a traditional rooftop solar system, and still, it generates 40% more output than this traditional system. To install Smartflower, the entire system can be anchored to a position of choice. It is not complicated to do so. During folding and unfolding, it can easily remove the accumulated snow or dust deposits. Therefore, loss of energy is minimized and is up to 5%. If you are on a trip, you can simply remove the four bolts and take Smartflower with you. Assembly and disassembly of Smartflower are very simple.

Smartflower has sensors that can measure the wind speed. If the wind speed exceeds 54 km/hr, it automatically folds and assumes a secure position to thereby avoid potential damage. If the wind speed accelerates to more than 63 km/hr, it folds further to the secondary security position. This is similar to the night position. As and when the wind speed falls, the sensors detect the fall, and Smartflower unfolds itself and returns to the electricity producing tracking position.

Smartflower has modules that are rear-ventilated. The design is such that it does not allow accumulation of hot air. The result is that in comparison with rooftop systems, Smartflower offers 5–10% more output, and it is 10–20 degrees Celsius cooler. An increment of 10 degrees Celsius implies 5% lesser electricity. In other words, cooler modules deliver more electricity than hotter modules.

What’s more is that the photovoltaic system is a plug-n-play system like any other home appliance. It has been observed that 1 hour of Smartflower exposure provides enough energy for 182 hours of relaxing and reading in LED light, 101 complete smartphone charges, 14 hours of television watching, or one-time cooking of the tastiest lasagne in the world.

Smartflower also has a charging station for electric vehicles. It can charge electric cars and e-bikes up to 22 KW. This is a clear commitment to e-mobility and sustenance. It also has an off-grid version that has 4.6 kWh storage capacity and an on-grid version that has 2.3 kWh capacity. If it generates excess electricity, this can be added to the public network. One of the models of Smartflower has integrated battery storage that can retain energy and use it on demand.

In a nutshell, Smartflower is the ideal way to minimize the carbon footprint while not letting go of aesthetics and comfort. For more information you can contact Smartflower Energy Technology GmbH, Telephone: +43 (0) 1 361 5688 Email:


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