NORD Unveils Enhanced Single-Phase Asynchronous Motor with Higher Efficiency


Leading drive specialist, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS, already recognized for its premium IE4 and IE5 motors, has further advanced its product portfolio with the launch of a revamped single-phase asynchronous motor. This new release not only sports a fresh design but leaps forward by one efficiency class.

Targeted at suppliers across construction, food and agricultural sectors, as well as amusement park businesses, this updated motor iteration emphasizes on higher efficiency and adaptability. A careful redesign of their previous single-phase asynchronous motor has resulted in this state-of-the-art release.

Jorg Niermann Nord Drive System
Jorg Niermann

Highlighting its features:

  • Efficiency Evolution: Now aligning with the IE2 efficiency class as per Ecodesign Regulation 2019/1781.
  • Power Spectrum: Suitable for a power range between 0.12 and 1.5 kW.
  • Advanced Components: Transition from mechanical to electronic relay for enhanced performance. Capacitors now find their place within the terminal box.
  • Robust Protection: Meeting IP66 standards, the motor is now armored against dust and water intrusion.

Jörg Niermann, Head of Marketing at NORD, remarked, “This enhanced single-phase asynchronous motor is a game-changer for simpler applications. Whether it’s mobile concrete mixers or pumps, customers can now avail a solution that is both cost-effective and efficient.”

In addition to its outstanding features, the motor gains global acceptance with certifications that include the European CE mark, the Chinese CCC standard, and the UKCA mark, making it a fit for various regions, including Great Britain. NORD DRIVESYSTEMS continues to push boundaries, offering reliable and efficient motor solutions across performance spectrums.


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