Mitsui Seiki upgrades High-Speed Vertical Machining Centers for Precision Hard Milling of Mold Components & Electrodes


Mitsui Seiki has unveiled its latest high-speed vertical machining centers, the VL30 Series, designed specifically for precision hard milling of mold components, copper tungsten electrodes, and graphite. These machines feature high thrust, linear motor drives for the X, Y, and Z axes, while the 5-axis models employ Direct Drive rotary axes for smooth and perfectly controlled complex contouring.

With cutting feed rates of up to 1,574 ipm and 1G acceleration/deceleration, the VL30 Series provides superior speed and motion control, making it ideal for high-speed point milling in multi-axis contouring applications. The machines use a precision glass scale feedback system that detects 0.1micron increments, ensuring superior accuracy in machining.

Mold inserts for a wide range of applications, including medical, packaging, industrial, and aerospace, have been successfully machined using the VL30 Series, which has proven its worth to demanding manufacturers.

In addition to its existing capabilities, the VL30 Series now comes with advanced features for process automation, workpiece and tool handling, and the latest Fanuc 31i-B with i-HMI operator interface, which makes it easier than ever before to achieve improved output and profitability. The Graphite Package option allows customers to machine completely dry with no risk of electrode contamination or premature machine wear. The machines also feature simple integration with robotics and in-process part inspection.

The VL30 Series is available in three models: the VL 30-5X five-axis machining center, the VL 30, and the larger VL 50 3-axis versions. These machines feature a 15 hp 50,000 rpm spindle that accepts HSK E25 tooling for precise roughing and ultra-fine finishing. The integrated tool changer holds up to 90 tools.

The VL30 Series has a compact 53 in. x 128 in. footprint, with the X, Y, Z axis travels measuring 7.9 in. x 11.8 in. x 7.9 in. The machines also come with enhanced production features such as a 4-point leveling bed, F.E.A.-designed main components, and hand-scraped castings that ensure excellent machine geometry. Superior chip and dust evacuation is ensured by a choice of solutions that cater to most needs.


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