Cargar: Pioneering Sustainable Energy and Mobile Charging Solutions in India

Raj Anupam and Kayavan Shah, Co-founders, MCS Cargar Pvt Ltd.

In a country striving for energy independence and sustainable development, Cargar, with a passion for revolutionizing the energy ecosystem in India, is set to make its mark in the EV industry. Two friends, Raj Anupam and Kayavan Shah, founded an Ahmedabad-based startup that is revolutionizing the electric vehicle (EV) charging industry with their innovative platform called Charge as a Service (CaaS). This platform enables users to conveniently request or schedule EV DC fast charging at their location, providing efficient and on-demand power for any electric device or vehicle, anytime and anywhere. The startup’s primary focus is on delivering charging services to customers’ doorsteps in the most effective and optimized manner possible. Today, MCS Cargar Pvt. Ltd. is on a mission to provide accessible and on-demand mobile charging solutions for EVs, pushing India towards a greener and more convenient future.

After completing their mechanical engineering in 2015, Kayavan went to the United States to pursue his Master’s from the prestigious New York University, while Raj co-founded Cambio Motion with the dream of becoming an OEM for electric cars in the C segment. Working at a startup based in New York for three years, Kayavan became intimately acquainted with the challenges faced by the EV industry in the United States. Seeing the challenges and limitations of the current charging infrastructure, Kayavan was inspired with ideas to revolutionize the way electric vehicles are charged.

Meanwhile, when a momentous joint venture with a conglomerate led to an unexpected shift in focus towards two-wheelers and other ventures, Raj found himself forced to exit the company he helped create. While working on the idea of Cambio Motion, Raj had worked on hardcore EV drivetrain technology like the powertrain, vehicle control unit, and battery tech for high-performance passenger cars and understood the challenges that might be faced in India with EV adoption, thus starting Cargar with the concept of grid-free charging on a mobile or portable platform.

Raj and Kayavan started working on a concept called mobile charging technology in 2019. They envisioned a solution that would make charging electric vehicles more convenient, eliminating the dependence on fixed charging stations. A revolutionary idea of a mobile charging technology that would liberate EV owners from the constraints of fixed charging stations. In 2019, they embarked on a new venture, co-founding MCS Cargar Pvt. Ltd. with the mission to ease the process of charging EVs and bring the next level of convenience to the user, grid, and infrastructure, thus ensuring faster adoption of EVs globally.

The startup’s primary focus is on delivering charging services to customers’ doorsteps in the most effective and optimized manner possible.

Raj, Kayavan, and their team aimed to provide on-demand charging solutions, similar to hailing a ride or ordering food delivery. They also tend to completely eliminate the dependency on grid electrification for charging the EVs. By eliminating the need for dedicated charging stations, they sought to address the challenges faced by EV owners in finding accessible and reliable charging infrastructure. The patented hardware technology they developed allowed for rapid charging of EVs in less than 45 minutes, making it a game-changer in the industry.

MCS Cargar Pvt. Ltd. faced numerous challenges along the way. The lack of operational public charging stations in India, unreliable infrastructure, and skepticism of the existing system posed hurdles for Raj and his team. However, their perseverance paid off as they gained recognition and support. The company received government support as they were incubated at IIC-PDEU and ICreate, Ahmedabad. They were also recognized and selected by the Government of India and the Government of Gujarat and by prestigious global funding and accelerator programs like LIF-7 Newton Funds and TechStars.

The company’s ultimate goal is to foster energy independence in India and provide accessible energy to all. By developing green technologies and embracing sustainable practices, MCS Cargar Pvt. Ltd. seeks to not only charge electric vehicles but also contribute to the overall energy ecosystem. Their vision goes beyond individual mobility solutions; they aim to optimize charging EVs, which will ensure everyone has convenient access to energy.

Their journey as entrepreneurs reflects their passion to transform India’s energy landscape. From their early experiences in the automotive industry to co-founding MCS Cargar Pvt. Ltd., they have demonstrated remarkable determination and resilience. The company’s mobile charging technology, which comprises state-of-the-art hardware and a companion mobile application, offers a revolutionary solution to the challenges faced by EV drivers all over the world. Through this vision and innovative approach, they are paving the way for a sustainable and convenient electric mobility future, inspiring others to pursue their dreams and contribute to a greener Earth.


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