What is Lepton UW? Teledyne FLIR Introduces Groundbreaking Micro-Thermal Camera Module


Teledyne FLIR, a subsidiary of Teledyne Technologies Incorporated, proudly unveiled its newest product, the Lepton UW. This innovative micro-thermal camera module boasts an unprecedented ultrawide 160-degree field of view (FOV) while maintaining a compact size that can fit on a fingertip.

Designed for applications demanding a broad field of view, such as fire detection, process surveillance, and human traffic analysis, Lepton UW is setting new industry standards. The module provides a 120 x 120 effective thermal resolution and a remarkable scene dynamic range, scaling up to 400 degrees Celsius. Upholding the legacy of the Lepton series, it offers unparalleled thermal sensitivity of less than 50 mK. Additionally, it comes with built-in digital thermal image signal processing features, making it a top choice in the micro-thermal camera segment. Clients can anticipate prompt and efficient deliveries, courtesy of the expansive uncooled micro-thermal camera manufacturing infrastructure Teledyne FLIR has established in the US.

Mike Walters, Teledyne FLIR’s Vice President of Product Management, commented, “The introduction of an ultrawide FOV in such a condensed format empowers building system experts to seamlessly incorporate thermal data into cost-effective systems, easing the installation process.” He further emphasized the availability of Teledyne FLIR’s Technical Service Team and a plethora of online resources to expedite the development journey for users.

In the domain of human traffic analysis, the Lepton UW offers a distinctive dataset, ensuring accurate counts without breaching personal privacy. When paired with building automation software, the module aids administrators in fine-tuning energy utilization, enhancing occupant comfort, and efficiently managing workspaces.

Lepton customers have a suite of resources at their disposal, from integration toolboxes and application notes to source codes suited for diverse platforms like Windows, Linux, and Raspberry Pi. Teledyne FLIR’s Technical Services Team is always on hand to guide customers through the licensing processes for software applications like MyFLIR®, MSX®, and Vivid-IR™, ensuring optimum performance while minimizing potential challenges.

For a comprehensive understanding of the FLIR Lepton offerings, visit FLIR’s Official Lepton Page. Teledyne FLIR, operating under the Teledyne Technologies banner, stands as a global pioneer in smart sensing solutions, catering to defense and industrial sectors. Established in 1978, its mission revolves around the development of cutting-edge technologies that empower professionals to make timely, life-saving decisions.


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