Revolutionizing Plastic Use: Igus launches ECO P210 Plain Bearing Series

Igus's New Plain Bearing made of Plastic Regranulate

Plastic, a valuable resource, finds new life in igus’ ECO P210 plain bearing series, showcasing the company’s commitment to sustainability. The latest addition to the iglidur ECO series, the ECO P210, is highlighted at the Motek 2023 trade show in Stuttgart. Crafted from sprue and defective injection-molded parts, the regranulate used in this series reflects igus’ dedication to minimizing waste.

igus GmbH specializes in motion plastics, providing lubrication-free, high-performance polymers for diverse applications. As a global market leader, igus operates in 35 countries, employing 4,900 people and generating €961 million in turnover in 2021. Renowned for innovation, the company’s vast product stock of 234,000 articles and online service life calculator cater to customers’ dynamic needs. In addition to core offerings, igus fosters environmental initiatives like the “chainge” program for recycling e-chains and actively participates in ventures converting plastic waste into oil.

The ECO P210 stands out as a chemical-resistant variant within the iglidur ECO plain bearing series. Its application spectrum covers machines regularly exposed to chemicals, including agitators, laboratory mills, filtration devices, and car washes. The recommended maximum surface pressure at room temperature reaches 50MPa, equivalent to 5,000 kilograms per square centimeter. Operating within a temperature range of -40°C to 100°C, this bearing ensures versatility.

One of the key features of the iglidur ECO P210 is its self-lubricating design. Eliminating the need for external lubrication with oil or grease, solid lubricants are integrated into the material, facilitating low-friction dry operation. This innovation enhances the bearing’s suitability for various applications. In laboratory tests, the ECO series, including the new P210 variant, demonstrated nearly identical performance to the conventional iglidur P210 series. Stefan Loockmann-Rittich, Head of Business Unit iglidur Plain Bearings at igus, emphasizes, “The ECO variant can therefore also handle the majority of applications.” To assist customers in evaluating the ECO variant’s viability for their specific use cases, igus provides an online tool for precise service life calculation.

The ECO P210 joins an existing family of ECO materials, each tailored for specific needs. ECO H caters to corrosive and hot environments, ECO P is designed for outdoor applications with high humidity and low moisture absorption, ECO G is a versatile, high-load-resistant option, and ECO A180 offers a cost-effective solution. Remarkably, all ECO materials comprise at least 97% regranulate, contributing to igus’ sustainability strategy.

Beyond product development, igus is actively engaged in transforming the linear plastics economy into a circular and sustainable one. A notable aspect of this commitment is the transparent display of the CO₂ footprint for its best-selling iglidur materials. This empowers customers to make informed choices by selecting bearings with the lowest CO₂ footprint.

In alignment with their sustainability vision, igus invests in cutting-edge technologies. One such initiative involves collaboration with Mura Technology, a British company working on a process to convert plastic back into crude oil using water, high temperatures, and pressure. By embracing recycling and investing in innovative solutions, igus strives to contribute to a sustainable circular economy. The introduction of the ECO P210 at Motek 2023 showcases igus’ dedication to advancing sustainable practices within the manufacturing industry. As industries increasingly prioritize eco-friendly solutions, igus continues to lead with innovative and environmentally conscious offerings.


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