HMS Networks Introduces Ixxat Safe T100: All-in-One Safety Solution for Industrial Automation

HMS Networks has released a new version of the Ixxat SafeT100 module allowing users to implement safe I/Os for FSoE – Functional Safety over EtherCAT

HMS Networks presents the Ixxat® Safe T100, a comprehensive safety solution that enables device manufacturers and machine builders to incorporate configurable safe inputs and outputs into their applications, with support for SIL 3 and PLe Cat.4. Working alongside the Anybus® CompactCom, also from HMS Networks, the Safe T100 facilitates both standard non-safe communication via EtherCAT and safe communication via FSoE (Functional Safety over EtherCAT).

By fully implementing the safe protocol and application layer, the Ixxat Safe T100 expedites the integration of functional safety capabilities for equipment such as drives, robots, and process controllers. This solution has undergone pre-certification by TÜV Rheinland and has been confirmed to conform to the FSoE standard ETG 5100 V1.2.0 by the ETG test lab. Consequently, users can enjoy reduced development time, cost, and risk when implementing safe devices and systems.

Integrating the Ixxat T100 with Anybus CompactCom offers end-users the advantage of a device or machine that provides both safe and non-safe functions through a single communication interface. This simplifies the configuration and project planning of industrial automation systems.

Key technical features of the Ixxat Safe T100 module include three two-channel inputs capable of detecting external wiring errors, one two-channel output, and 24 V signal support. The Anybus CompactCom module supplies all the necessary service and process data interfaces for FSoE within the EtherCAT layer, including control of the network and status LED, and transmission of safe configuration data. The interface between the Anybus CompactCom module and the Ixxat Safe T100/FSoE is galvanically isolated, and additional safety features such as integrated temperature monitoring, shutdown to a safe state, channel-specific error signaling, and error handling enhance the overall reliability.

With a “black-channel” approach for internal communication between the non-safe Anybus CompactCom and the safe Ixxat Safe T100 module, customers can conveniently support the three major safety protocols, namely FSoE, PROFIsafe, and CIP Safety, using a single hardware design. This scalability and efficiency contribute to the solution’s versatility.

HMS offers comprehensive implementation guidelines and user documentation to support device manufacturers and machine builders in implementing the Safe T100 module themselves. However, customers can also rely on HMS for implementation services, porting, and certification services if needed. Furthermore, HMS can develop customer-specific versions of the Ixxat Safe T100 to accommodate particular requirements such as form factor, plugs, or the number of I/Os.

In situations where integration of the Safe T100 is not possible due to constraints like limited space within safety encoders or existing safety hardware limitations, HMS provides pre-certified protocol stacks for Functional Safety over EtherCAT (FSoE), CIP Safety over EtherNet/IP, and CIP Safety over Sercos, all certified by TÜV.


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