Durable, Cleanable, & Versatile: Kollmorgen Unveils AKMA Servo Motor

AKMA Servo Motor by Kollmorgen
AKMA Servo Motor by Kollmorgen

Kollmorgen introduces the AKMA servo motor, a highly anticipated addition to its esteemed servo motor portfolio. The cutting-edge motor features a hardened anodized aluminium surface, offering a cost-effective and hygienic alternative to stainless steel. This surface is particularly suitable for medium- to heavy-washdown applications.

One of the leading motion control systems providers, Kollmorgen, has unveiled its latest innovation, the AKMA servo motor, designed to meet the demands of durability, cleanability, and versatility. With a lightweight design, the AKMA motor offers easy installation and maintenance, while its high torque density delivers exceptional performance in a compact footprint. The motor is designed for precision motion and is an ideal choice for the food and beverage processing industry. It is also suitable for pharmaceutical and medical packaging operations. The AKMA motor has an IP69k rating, guaranteeing dependable performance in harsh and wet environments. This makes it ideal for critical applications, including tracking and positioning for antenna pedestal systems.

Ross McMillan, Vice President of Engineering at Kollmorgen
Ross McMillan

Ross McMillan, Vice President of Engineering at Kollmorgen, expressed enthusiasm about the AKMA servo motor, stating, “We are thrilled to introduce the AKMA servo motors to engineers seeking an affordable yet high-performing solution for wash-down environments where stainless steel surfaces may not be necessary. With this innovation, users can now achieve a balance between performance and value, avoiding unnecessary expenses for surface quality that may exceed their requirements.”

The AKMA servo motor boasts a standout feature with its anodized aluminium surface, which provides excellent chemical resistance across a wide pH range. This surface is smoother and harder than painted motors, making it highly scratch-resistant and flake-free. Moreover, this feature allows the motor to be used safely above the food line.

Additionally, the motor’s stainless steel shaft meets functional safety requirements. Furthermore, its innovative “one-piece” rounded housing structure eliminates the need for a seal between the flange and housing, preventing water ingress and puddling. The AKMA motor features a vented design that equalizes pressure inside and outside. This leads to improved Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) and increased motor durability.

Kollmorgen’s AKMA servo motor is a durable, versatile, and cost-effective solution, revolutionizing the industry with its cleanability. The AKMA motor provides machine designers with a hygienic alternative to stainless steel. This enables new application possibilities across different sectors, ensuring reliable and high-performance operations in challenging environments.


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