Burrgon Electro Chemical Deburring Machine assures a load of Advantages

Burrgon Hydax
Burrgon Hydax

Hydax Hydraulics Pvt. Ltd. has created a revolution in electro chemical deburring by designing the Burrgon model. With this innovation, gone are the days when deburring was a labor-dependent and time-consuming process. This indigenous technology facilitates localization in deburring and also deburring of intricate regions of components. It has now become possible to deburr several components simultaneously, due to which the volume of deburring is high.

One can feel assured of high precision during the use of this model. The company has created some innovative designs to cater to the needs of a wide range of components in terms of the size of the component. In tune with the current trends, automation is feasible in these designs. The tremendous burr removal speed enables to achieve a greater throughput in a smaller time period. Another distinct advantage is that the present-day (patent pending) electrolyte can work with all metals and hence, it has wide application in various industries such as aerospace, automotive, machine tools and all others where deburring is essential. The drag of the electrolyte along with the components is very less. This process is highly efficient, and the electrolyte has to be changed only once during an entire year. Moreover, the model boasts of a sizable tank capacity, which ensures an uninterrupted process.

For each component, once a fixture is designed, it becomes a lifelong investment. As separate fixtures can be created for different components, the variety of components that can be treated in this model is endless. This process is applicable for a wide range of components including pressed, machined, casted, geared, cold-forged, and hot-forged components. A point worth note is that this process is in need of only two consumables, namely, electricity and electrolyte. In the industry, different components have different lengths of burr. This model can remove very tiny amounts of burr to considerably long burr.

Meetali Mukherjee, Managing Director, remarked, “The cumulative effect of all the above advantages is topped by a 60–70 percent cost benefit. In a nutshell, the Burrgon model of Hydax has become a lifetime investment in a wide range of industries. It has proved to greatly benefit the industry by application of latest and sophisticated technology.”

Hydax is a pioneer in the field of hydraulic accessories. It is now venturing into the machine tool industry. It has now acquired the latest technology regarding robotic electro chemical deburring and machining, component cleaning, coolants, and oil filtration. Armed with this knowledge, it is launching the most sophisticated machinery for the manufacturing industry.

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