BILTZ offers tools for machining IMPELLORS for TURBINE BLADES


BILTZ manufactures Tools for production of Impellors and Turbine Blades that includes an extensive range of specialized Tools for roughing, semi-finishing and finishing stages involved in the production of Impellors and Turbine Blades.

Tools include  Torres cutters, Tapered cutters, Tapered Ball Nose cutters and Tapered Torus Cutters, and Oval Faced Form Cutters.

Torrus Cutters used for the semi-finishing and finishing of turbine blades feature 4 to 12 flutes with unequal indexing to minimize vibrations while machining. Designs include corner radius, straight, 6°, and 8° taper angle versions.

Tapered Ball Nose Cutters include special designs which incorporates 2 flutes, 3 flutes, 4 flutes and 6 flutes with center cutting edges that providing extra tool stability and improved surface finish of turbine blades. Taper angles range from 4° to 10°.

Oval Faced Form Cutters are exceptionally efficient finishing tools. The oval form simulates the attributes of ball nose end mills having a diameter range of 100-200 mm. This allows for double the axial cut vs. a standard ball nose end mills, resulting in a superior surface finish.

Torus and Tapered Ball Nose End Mills are especially well suited for milling in tough materials such as nickel-based alloys and titanium alloys. The Tools can be manufactured with internal coolant. The Tools will be coated depending on application to ensure maximum life.

BILTZ also undertake re-sharpening & re-coating of these Tools. The Tool profiles from corner radius to taper angles are carefully measured and reproduced while regrinding the Tools.

Biltz also make special Tools to customer specification

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