Precise3DM to showcase Digital Manufacturing Solutions at IMTOS


Entering the 3D business at an initial stage, Singaraj Maharajan led Precise 3D Metrology and Design Solutions Private Limited, is a one-stop destination for Digital manufacturing solutions including CAD, 3D scanning, 3D printing, and much more. Growing from the roots of Chennai, Precise 3DM is a company which has collaborated with the top notch companies in the 3D industry like the 3DSystems, Shining3D, and Hexagon to establish the advanced and latest technology 3D printers, 3D scanners and 3D software in the workplace that caters to the technical requirements of the customers.

Exhibiting its exclusive products at IMTOS 2019 for the very first time, the company is looking forward to enhancing its network and get the exposure of presenting itself in the exhibitions. It is elated to demonstrate its 3D scanners, printers and 3D designing to the visitors. A special emphasis has been laid on demonstrating digital manufacturing which is a unique concept introduced ever. This is also a newly launched innovation in the company.

Singaraj Maharajan, Vice President of Precise 3DM and Graft 3D is a mechanical engineer who through intellect and hard work has built a company that fulfils the requirements of every customer. In an interview with Machine Maker, he quotes, “The present dynamic business scenario has seen a growing recognition of advanced technology of 3D scanners and 3D Printers with its multiple uses. There is a global movement or shift towards embracing the benefits that come with using 3D applications, rolling out precision into various industries.”

The company sees IMTOS as a great platform for every industry to grow in every horizon. The products from Precise 3DM are useful for all the big scale manufacturing companies. It has sales and services offices spread across India in the regions of Coimbatore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, and New Delhi.

“When we initiated our operations in the year 2014, we were a closed team with over a few products and only a head office at Chennai. But with the years passing by, we have spread our reach to different areas of India. We do not want to stop here, but are also planning to release more 3D systems and solutions so that the customers’ needs are being resolved.”- Concludes Mr. Maharajan.

Precise 3DM while scanning the products, select the right technology that delivers the accuracy, speed and resolution one need for any application!

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