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Amrish Bosmiya imtos
Amrish Bosmiya imtos

Committing to provide the customers with the perfect finishing products and services since 1996, Jeet Finishing Machines furnishes a broad range of process-oriented products that can cater to a wide spectrum of industries and people.

Based in Ahmedabad, the company has been successful to carve its niche for itself in the list of top suppliers of Machinery, and Air Dryers in India.

In an interview with Machine Maker, Amrish Bosmiya, the proprietor of the company shares, “This is our 4th venture in the exhibition. We had earlier had a great experience being a part of India’s one of the largest machine tool show. For this time, we have come up with the idea to introduce new products developed by us at IMTOS. This would not only attract more visitors but also provide us with exposure to compete with parallel companies.

The company deals with significant finishing products such as Vibratory Finishing machines, Centrifugal Finishing machines, Dryers, Tub type vibratory machines, Parts-media separating machines, Media, Chemicals and compounds, and Other equipment and Services.

We are a complete manufacturing company where 60-70 percent of the machines are manufactured in the in-house facility while the other 30-40 percent is done by outsourcing.”- adds Mr. Bosmiya.

The company is entirely based in Gujarat but does have its dealers in the North and the South regions. It also exports the machines manufactured here to the different countries in Central Europe, UAE and also in Australia.

Jeet Finishing Machines experiences 20-25 percent growth every year. It uses the latest technologies that have been doing rounds and holding on much importance in the industrial sectors in recent times.

Amrish Bosmiya is a Mechanical Engineer who has been serving the industry of manufacturing for more than last 20 years and has been into his journey of entrepreneurship for over 15 years. He thinks that one must adapt to the changes and adopt the trending technologies that would create a difference in the technological world.

To know more about the company, visit www.jeetfinishing.com


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