Japanese Quality Chillers at Affordable prices in India- Gem Orion at IMTOS


Gem Orion Machinery Pvt. Ltd. is a joint venture operational in India since April 2017. In collaboration with Orion Machinery Ltd., a leading company for chillers and compressed air dryers in Japan, Gem Orion has succeeded in taking off the new venture really smoothly in the country. With the growing market space and imminent rise in the customer base, Gem Orion sees itself to fair well in the expanding market. Using the Japanese technology, Gem Orion is a well-established chiller supplier of the country that caters to a quality-driven audience. With a vast portfolio, they cater to industries that have applications in the equipment’s sectors of plastics, medicine, electroplating, textiles, automotive industry, heat treatment for metals, radiation therapy, data centre, machine tool, induction heating hardening, etc.

Being a first-time participant at IMTOS, Gem Orion wants to inform the public of the service offered using the highly efficient Japanese technology, especially among the machine tools crowd. Orion Machinery is a key player in OEM machine manufacturer and machine tools in Japan while Gem Equipments had a strong presence and dealing in air dryer segments but not a very strong one in chiller segment for machine tools. With features of Japanese tools, Gem wants to rove into machine tools sector. What better place than IMTOS where India’s machine tool experts gather to showcase their best products. CEO, Ramesh Kumar said, “We are not looking for selling the products as such, but our main focus would be to create awareness among the sellers and buyers at IMTOS.”

Located in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, the company is set with full-fledged manufacturing facilities in-house. They manufacture reliable and robust chillers that has a myriad of applications such as Plastics, Laser Cutting Machines, Induction Heating, Machine tools, Medical, Printing & Packaging, PUF Machine, Microprocessor Chip Industry, Electroplating, Textiles, Automotive Industry, Industrial Parts Washing Machine, Water Jet machine, Vacuum Pump, Sputtering Equipment, Analytical Instruments and so on. Orion Machinery at Japan supplies the drawing and other technical research details and, here in India, Gem Orion Japan gives training to workers to make the process a robust one and employees to work around the products accordingly. With immensely sensitive and highly sophisticated testing facilities available at their research facilities, Gem Orion leaves no stones unturned when it comes to assuring the quality of the product!

In Pan India, the sales and engineering departments are set up in all four zones. West zone has Mumbai, Pune, and Ahmadabad; the North Zone has Bhopal and Delhi; the Centre has Nagpur and Indore; the west has Kolkata; while the South zone has Hyderabad, Blore, CBE, Madurai, Trichy.

Gem Orion’s star product at IMTOS this year will be a stand-alone chiller with a top-notch temperature controlling and maintaining setpoint—R410A Precision Chillers, which is known for its low carbon footprint. Mr. Kumar also adds, “Even if Gem Orion is in talks with international industries for export, they currently want to focus on the domestic market. The profit of the collaboration is that Orion, via Gem Orion, can deal at lower prices in India and can not only expanse the base, but also have a grip in the major cities, which will lead to a developed loyalty for Gem. With extensive expansion plans in mind, Gem Orion aims at a five-fold growth vis-a-vis the existing turnover.”

Mr. A. B. Ramesh Kumar is a Mechanical engineer from Sivagasi, Tamil Nadu, who is associated with Gem group since the past 20 years. He has adorned multiple roles during his tenures such as in design, quality material, production and some time for services and QA system. That is his favorite part about being with Gem, the fact that he has was given an opportunity to not only learn a variety of aspects in manufacturing but also to grow along with the company. He started his journey with Gem group as a trainee engineer in the year 1999 and has been with them ever since.

To know more visit www.gemorion.in/


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