IMTOS to be lit with Laser Marking Machine by Atcore Tech Solutions


Establishing its name as a company offering the world-class Laser Cutting and CNC Solutions, Delhi based Atcore Tech Solutions is a major provider of Laser Cutting and CNC machines. The driving force of the company believes that the fundamental principle and key ingredients behind the success of Atcore has been mainly its professionally designed products and the after-sales service.

Speaking about participating at IMTOS, the company is geared up to showcase its authenticated and best in class laser cutting (to cut the non-metal materials) and laser marking machines at the exhibition for the second time in a row. Here at IMTOS, the company plans to expand its network and show its presence in the market.

In an interview with the Machine Maker, Subhash Singh, Director of Atcore Tech shares, “Initiating the operations from 2011, we have paved our way to make our name in the laser cutting and marking industry. But there is still a long way to go.

The company specialises in Desktop Fibre Laser Marking Machines- detached and All in One type and Sealed Fibre Laser Cutting Machines. Atcore is a technology-driven giant that greatly provides technology-based specialist solutions that not only provide machines but also simultaneously designs, integrates, and distributes innovative and technologically advanced products.

With the vision of making a difference through its people, offers, innovative approach, and conduct Atcore has been able to serve over 500 customers successfully since its inception. Apart from a manufacturing unit at Delhi where 70 per cent of manufacturing takes place in-house while the other is outsourced, the company has its presence all over India with the Sales and Service offices at Mumbai and Bangalore. It exports the laser machines to the countries neighbouring India, i.e, Nepal and Sri Lanka.

Leading the company from the front, Mr. Singh is an Arts Graduate who possesses an experience of over 15 years in machinery. His perfect managerial skills have brought the company to a height which once was just a dream for him.

Planning to develop more technologies in India and making India a technologically advanced country is the mission the Atcore Company carries.

Atcore is a laser automation product manufacturer with a collection of research and development, design, and production of the products.

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