Valgro India to Lead IMTEX 2024 with Advanced Deburring Machines


Valgro India, is set to exhibit its latest range of deburring machines, at the IMTEX 2024 event. Hosted by the Indian Machine Tools Manufacturers Association, the event will be held at the Bangalore International Exhibition Center (BIEC) from the 19th to 23rd January 2024. IMTEX Forming 2024 aims to provide a platform for the global manufacturers to demonstrate their experience and excellence while also exchange their thoughts and ideas.

IMTEX Forming 2024, the International Machine Tool and Manufacturing Technology Exhibition, is set to present a comprehensive showcase of metal forming machine tools, highlighting a diverse range of technological innovations within the manufacturing sector. Valgro India, the deburring and metal finishing equipment manufacturing specialist, is all set to stand out as one of the prominent exhibitors at IMTEX Forming 2024.

Valgro-SLR24-2BD for superior results following deburring, and edge rounding operations

Valgro India, needs no introduction to the manufacturing world, especially to the sector requiring and using their premium range of deburring machines. Besides this, as an ISO 9001-2018 quality regulated firm, they are one of the major machine manufacturers leaving an impressive global footprint. Valgro-Hyzer is keen on making a presence, at the IMTEX Forming 2024, as it has already had over 775+ machines installations and across 16+ countries as well.

Besides its extensive range of deburring machines, the company has the FRP Grating machines, fabrication shop machines, and abrasives including the stainless steel finishing tools and accessories. Such a vast range of products and services has ensured the brand a better position in the industry.

The firm takes exceptional efforts in ensuring customer satisfaction by providing clear strategies and plans for installation in place thereby flaunting a deeply-impacted and highly-satisfied list of over 1200 satisfied customers. Their global customer outreach spans across 16 countries, such as Russia, Canada, UAE, Bangkok, Singapore, Korea, Turkey, and more.

Valgro presents advanced deburring and edge rounding machines featuring brush or belt grinding processes, with customizable setups based on specific customer needs and budget constraints. These machines are well-suited for various sheet metal parts cut through laser, press punch, plasma, and shear processes.

Valgro Deburring + Finishing – Flat Sheet Metal Parts Machine

Effective deburring is essential for safety, quality maintenance, improved aesthetics, and the seamless operation of working parts. Even minor notches can lead to issues like parts catching, potentially causing accidents, injuries, or production delays. Moreover, rough edges pose risks during the handling of blanks. Leveraging expertise in surface preparation abrasives brush manufacturing, Valgro delivers deburring machines with the necessary technical features for achieving flawless finishes, whether on small parts or larger surfaces.

On looking at this interesting size of outreach demographics, one might wonder at their discipline and principled approach. But all that has been established over a span of offering 25+ years of excellent service and innovation. Starting from ideation, to creating trusted specialty products in the metalworking sector, their reputation has surpassed all limits. As currently one of Asia’s largest deburring and metal finishing abrasive machine manufacturers, Valgro is just a little away from achieving a legendary status.

Valgro Micro Strip Edge Deburring Machine

Years of industrial understanding, in researching, sample development, consulting, and technical training has fetched the brand the recognition that it preserves and nurtures. Talking of their impressive presence at IMTEX 2024, the brand will be displaying a set of their highest-grossing Deburring and edge-rounding machines that would also be available with belt grinding process. Their sheet metal processing with Oneroof Solution has ensured managing and exceeding customer expectations. These deburring machines will be ideal for laser cutting, press punch, and sear cutting sheet metal parts.

As IMTEX 2024 progresses, Valgro India is looking forward to connect with industry professionals, cultivating meaningful business relationships, generating leads, and sharing expertise. Valgro remains committed to providing visitors with cutting-edge technology, reliable performance, and cost-effective solutions. Guests are encouraged to explore Valgro’s innovative offerings at Hall No. 04, Booth No. B117, in B.I.E.C., Bengaluru, to uncover the transformative impact the company can bring to their businesses.


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