Suresh Indu Laser and MicroStep Forge Strategic Alliance at IMTEX 2024

(Left to Right) Prithvi Shah, Alex Makuch and Sanjay Shah at the Inauguration of the Strategic Alliance between Suresh Indu Laser and MicroStep at IMTEX 2024

Suresh Indu Laser from India and MicroStep from Slovakia, two of the global manufacturing technology giants, have recently embarked on a strategic alliance. The strategic alliance has been disclosed at IMTEX 2024 in the Bangalore International Exhibition Centre (BIEC), Bengaluru.

Suresh Indu Laser, founded by Laser Scientist Suresh Shah 33 years ago, has organically grown into one of the leaders in Laser technology solutions in India and the Middle East. With unparalleled expertise in scaling up production and technologies, Suresh Indu Laser (SIL) stands as a unique entity with no Indian counterpart possessing a manufacturing facility on the same scale. Present in over 25 countries across all continents, SIL has established itself as a global force.

On the other side of this partnership is MicroStep, founded by ten scientists and academicians from the Department of Control and Automation, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology at the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava.

Evolving over time, MicroStep specializes in manufacturing CNC machines equipped with plasma, fiber laser, oxyfuel, waterjet, and routing technologies. Beyond machine mechanics, they also develop and supply advanced control systems for machine tools and CAM software with custom modules for various applications. With a presence in 58 countries, over 95% of MicroStep’s production is designated for export.

The grand opening ceremony of this strategic alliance, at IMTEX 2024, was graced by luminaries like Sanjay Shah and Alex Makuch, alongside Vardhaman Shah, Prithvi Shah, Utkarsh Landekar, and numerous industry experts. The inauguration ceremony was also marked by the traditional lighting of the lamp – a symbolic gesture spreading the power of knowledge and collaborative spirit. This alliance, a confluence of cultures, expertise, and visions, represents a significant milestone in the world of manufacturing technology.

Alex Makuch and Sanjay Shah during the Traditional Lamp Lighting Ceremony at IMTEX 2024

The common thread binding these two powerhouses is their origin – both founded by scientists and academicians who believe in evolving as closely-knit family companies. This shared ethos sets the stage for potential collaboration opportunities. For instance, where MicroStep Slovakia excels in CNC drilling, beveling, milling, waterjet machining, and related fields, Suresh Indu Laser’s proficiency in laser technology opens avenues for comprehensive collaboration.

Both companies are strategically positioned in diverse geographic locations, a factor that could facilitate collaboration, particularly in regions where their news overlaps. The companies are keen on evaluating specific markets where they can leverage each other’s networks and resources to enhance solutions offerings significantly.

The present trend of high-power lasers replacing gas and plasma cutting is identified as an area ripe for innovation and collaboration. Both Suresh Indu Laser and MicroStep envision creating unique and competitive solutions in this evolving landscape.

A critical aspect of this partnership between these two companies lies in assessing Cultural and Technological Alignment. The evaluation of corporate culture, values, and management styles is paramount. With a shared goal, both companies aim to foster a technological and cultural fit, laying the foundation for a successful and enduring partnership.

“This strategic partnership is not solely about financial transactions or share transfers; it’s at an initial stage where the focus is on collaborating minds. It’s about bringing our expertise together, aiding each other, and collectively contributing to the betterment of our respective countries. Our core agenda revolves around mutual support and doing good for both nations”, said Sanjay Shah, Director, Suresh Indu Laser.

Alex Makuch, Managing Director of MicroStep, had expressed his enthusiasm about the strategic partnership, “We form a strategic partnership with the goal of shaping a new future through innovative automation and shared solutions. Our focus is not merely on mass production but on tailored, customized solutions that derive satisfaction not just from financial gains but from technical excellence.”

Mr Makuch had further stated, “Engaging in diverse cutting technologies, including plasma, oxyfuel, water jet, routing, milling, and drilling, we go beyond crafting standalone machines. Instead, our emphasis lies in seamlessly integrating these machines into our customers’ production lines, ensuring smooth communication and integration with their ERP systems, and delivering comprehensive cutting and machining solutions.”

Considering the identification of common industries or technologies, both SIL and MicroStep are actively determining the industries or technologies where their operations overlap. The exploration of overlapping areas is seen as a strategy to create synergy and maximize the impact of their collaboration.

SIL and MicroStep view this strategic partnership as an evolving collaboration rooted in mutual trust, shared goals, and a clear understanding of how each company can contribute to and benefit from the collaboration. With an optimistic outlook, the partnership is expected to expand into various areas of collaboration, marking a new chapter in the evolution of manufacturing technology.


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