Haimer India Impresses at IMTEX 2023 with Innovative Tooling Solutions

Haimer had a very succesfull participation at IMTEX 2023

HAIMER’s motto towards improving the productivity and cost competitiveness of the manufacturing industry through its advanced tooling solutions went well at the IMTEX 2023 Metal Cutting Exhibition. One of the most innovative companies in the field of machine tool-holding technology with a strong emphasis on research and development was well received by the business visitors of the exhibition organised by the Indian Machine Tools Manufacturer’s Association.

The IMTEX 2023 organized by IMTMA from 19th-25th January 2023 at Bengaluru International Exhibition Centre is one of the largest and most important international exhibitions for metal cutting technology in India, and HAIMER is happy to be featured among the best of the best at this year’s event. HAIMER was exhibiting their state-of-the-art technologies for tool management in Hall 4 Stall 143.

As a leading manufacturer of tooling solutions, HAIMER introduced its latest innovations and showcase its advanced technology, which included an extensive tool holder program, balancing and shrinking technology, tool management logistic systems, 3D measuring instruments, new power mill tools, and tool pre-setting machines. HAIMER products that got exhibited were entirely technology-driven to assist Indian manufacturers in the methodical production of complicated components. They demonstrated their innovative Hybrid Machine, which combines tool shrinking with pre-setting which enables the manufacturer to achieve precision machining. These machines are industry 4.0 technology ready, allowing for increased performance and productivity.

The Vio linear Tool shrink machine exhibited at the show has fully automatic tool measurement with linear drive motors at increased speeds combined with HAIMER shrink technology allows for the tool changes of any shrink chuck, regardless of the brand of the holder. The Tool Dynamic Pre-set is an ideal combination of HAIMER’s balancing and pre-setting technologies.

“HAIMER has always believed in bringing ultra-modern technology into the world of tooling space. We are the largest manufacturers of tool shrinking solutions which help our customers to cut down the production cost drastically and improve their manufacturing process,” said Amolak Singh, Managing Director India and South East Asia.

The Power Clamp Premium i4.0 is an ergonomic, high-end shrink station with contactless cooling for all solid carbide and HSS cutting tools. It delivers a rapid and secure shrinking procedure with guided contact cooling, temperature control, and automated signalling of the correct cooling station.

With the introduction of Industry 4.0, Indian manufacturers are increasingly searching for ways to boost their output by utilising modern, streamlined, and effective operational strategies. This shift in emphasis towards the deployment of Industry 4.0 has led to an increase in the need for complexity and precision, for which Haimer is famous being a proven solutions provider in the complete tooling segment.

Visitors at Haimer’s stall had a positive reaction and were very keen to know more about tooling solutions from Haimer. The wide range of offerings with new products, and the high standard of service provided to customers by the organisation left an impression on many business visitors. “We at Haimer is committed to serving Indian customers with a wide range of products and services for better machining and productivity. We are happy with the response we got from our customers, many of who are able to see our latest technologies as the IMTEX Metal Cutting edition is organised after 4 years”, said Manas Majumdar.

Haimer provides Tooling, Tool Shrinking, Tool Balancing, and Pre-setting technology around the machine tool suitable for small Machine shops the very large complex machining facility. In addition, Haimer provides customers with tailored solutions, technical support, and training to assure their satisfaction. Haimer is one of the leading providers of the complete ecosystem in the cutting tools vertical, offering cutting-edge products and services to enhance productivity and efficiency in manufacturing processes. Their commitment to quality and innovation has made them a trusted partner to companies across industries, including those in India. Haimer’s presence in India is empowering the “Make in India” initiative by providing advanced tooling technologies that enable local manufacturers to produce high-quality products at competitive prices.


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