Carl Zeiss India Elevates ‘Make in India’ at IMTEX 2024 with Premium Metrology Solutions

(Left to Right) Krishna Khandelwal, Head of Operations, Industrial Quality Solutions, Carl Zeiss India and Aveen Padmaprabha, Head of Industrial Quality Solutions at Carl Zeiss

ZEISS, one of the prominent measurement solutions provider, is set to participate in IMTEX Forming 2024. The Industrial Quality Solutions (IQS) division of Carl Zeiss India (Bangalore) Pvt Ltd will exhibit cutting-edge technologies, aiming to reshape India’s manufacturing sector. Known for innovation and a dedication to quality, ZEISS’ IQS division plans to revolutionize access to premium devices, traditionally exclusive to dealer partners.

ZEISS Industrial Quality Solutions is one of the leading manufacturers of multidimensional metrology solutions. Its diverse offerings encompass coordinate measuring machines, optical and multisensor systems, microscopy systems tailored for industrial quality assurance, along with metrology software.

These solutions find applications across industries such as automotive, aircraft, mechanical engineering, plastics, and medical technology. The portfolio is further enriched by innovative technologies like 3D X-ray metrology, which plays a crucial role in quality inspection.

With its headquarter in Oberkochen, ZEISS Industrial Quality Solutions extends its global presence through production and development sites strategically located outside Germany. These sites include Minneapolis in the USA, Shanghai in China, and Bangalore in India.

Focused on delivering excellence, the company also provides an extensive range of customer services through ZEISS Quality Excellence Centers located close to its customers. ZEISS Industrial Quality Solutions operates as part of the Industrial Quality & Research segment.

ZEISS IQS, known for its world-class quality assurance and measurement systems, is breaking new ground by providing its advanced metrology solutions directly to a wider market. This initiative represents a major step forward in improving accessibility for manufacturers throughout India, perfectly aligning with the ‘Make in India’ narrative.

Aveen Padmaprabha, Head of Industrial Quality Solutions (IQS) at Carl Zeiss India (Bangalore) Pvt Ltd, has emphasized that the continued participation at IMTEX 2024 signifies a significant stride towards fostering self-reliance in manufacturing, aligning with the ideals of Atmanirbhar Bharat.

Mr Padmaprabha has further stated that the decision to offer cutting-edge devices directly to the masses underscores the commitment to bolstering local industries, enabling them to achieve unparalleled standards of precision and quality. The aim is to catalyze a manufacturing revolution, empowering Indian enterprises to not just meet but exceed global benchmarks, thereby contributing substantially to the vision of the Make-in-India initiative.

IMTEX 2024 attendees are set to witness a showcase of cutting-edge technologies at the ZEISS exhibit, where a range of devices will be featured, demonstrating their potential to elevate manufacturing standards and improve operational efficiency.

ZEISS ScanBox Series 5

Among the technologies on display is the ZEISS ScanBox Series 5, renowned for providing full-field 3D measurement coordinates. This allows for a direct comparison with CAD models, enabling the visualization of deviations in Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing, as well as trimming and hole positions through the GOM Inspect Pro software.

Notably, the ScanBox Series 5 is an automated, modular solution that can be customized based on customer requirements, with programming and control facilitated through the Virtual Measuring Room (VMR).

Another highlight is the newly developed ZEISS ABIS III sensor, which combines high-speed inspection capabilities with a reliable detection system for a variety of surface defects. This includes dents, bulges, sink marks, ripples, neckings, cracks, scratches, and pressure marks. The system is adept at inspecting both moving and stationary parts with precision, making it a valuable asset during live production within the cycle time.

Additionally, IMTEX attendees will have the opportunity to explore the ZEISS DuraMax, a Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) specifically designed to meet the demanding requirements of harsh and high-temperature shopfloor metrology. Serving as a manufacturing capability successor to the ZEISS CONTURA CMM Model, the DuraMax reflects ZEISS’s vision to provide advanced solutions for comprehensive and precise manufacturing measurement.

These technologies collectively reflect ZEISS’s vision to advance the capabilities of measurement solutions in the manufacturing sector, offering attendees valuable insights into the future of precision engineering. The showcased solutions are positioned to revolutionize the standards of the manufacturing industry.

With their capabilities in precision measurement, quality assessment, and process optimization, these systems play a crucial role in enhancing operational efficiency and upholding impeccable standards in manufacturing processes. By providing local manufacturers access to cutting-edge technology, ZEISS in India aspires to make a substantial contribution to the nation’s growth trajectory in the manufacturing sector.

ZEISS welcomes IMTEX 2024 attendees to visit them at Booth A122 in Hall 3A for more information about Carl Zeiss India’s IQS division and its innovative solutions.


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