Springing Its Way to Glory: Vikson Springs at Hannover Messe 2024

Satish Patil, Business Development Head of Vikson Spring

Vikson Springs a four-decade-old manufacturer of precision springs is on the verge of establishing itself on the Global Stage at Hannover Messe, in 2024, showcasing their wide range of springs that match the industrial demands. Over the years, it has invested in state-of-the-art technology and machinery to enhance its manufacturing capabilities.

This has allowed it to produce a wide range of springs, including compression, extension, torsion, and custom springs. The company has been awarded with quality certifications like IITF, ISO 140001, ISO 450001. Vikson Springs has a fully accredited in-house company laboratory, where the company can test all kinds of products from the smallest size to the biggest size in-house.

Founded in 1979, by Mahesh Shah, Vikson Springs has grown to be a global leader in the field. Vikson Springs’s vision is to be the most preferable global supplier of springs, and that vision continues to drive it today. At this year’s Hannover Messe, 2024, a global exposition for the industrial sector the company is poised to showcase its wide range of springs, to a global audience. In a special chat with Machine Maker, Satish Patil, Business Development Head of Vikson Spring, shared his company’s insights on its participation at Hannover Messe, 2024.

Looking at International Markets

As a first-time participant in the Hannover Messe, 2024, Vikson Springs is looking to expand its presence in the export-centric markets of the world. “Due to the China crisis and the Russia-Ukraine war, there is a huge market for exports. The big industrial countries like the US and Germany are facing a crisis for sourcing their demands for industrial products.” Satish disclosed. Due to the crisis being faced by major industrial nations, they are looking at alternative sources of sourcing their industrial needs.

“We are focusing on the export market. We have some of the most prestigious clients in Germany and the USA.” The company manufactures customized products as per the customer’s demand,” the customer provides us with the drawing. We serve the particular requirement of the customer.”

The company would be focusing on the companies that have their offices in Germany and US,” there are companies like BOSCH and big MNC Groups that we have been serving and have been part of their growth journey.” Vikson Springs is expecting that its participation in Hannover Messe, 2024,” will help in expanding our exports. We are looking at new technologies and new market segments to cater for. We develop lots of difficult and critical segments of springs” Satish revealed.

The company is doing very well on the export front,” We are today exporting 15-20% of our total production and we endeavor to grow this to 25% in the coming year.” In an endeavor to achieve this target, the company has appointed a representative in France who is looking after the European and US markets.

Specifically looking at the US market,” We plan to visit the US tentatively in October this year, and looking at the growing exports to that country we are thinking about renting out a warehouse.” The company is a true believer in the mantra of quality springs. “We have around 140 CNC machines that provide us the best quality.”

The Indian Market Does Not Lag Behind

The company is not losing its focus on the Indian market,” with the Indian government’s focus on BIS and import substitution. Most of the MNC and Automobile companies have import substitution requirements and today we are serving almost 70 percent of this market.” The company has a special focus on the nation’s defense industry and has the rare privilege, “We have supplied a spring for the Brahmos Missile. Our Black bracket spring has been developed for the missile.”

The company has developed springs for the domestic medical equipment industry and is supplying nasal inhaler springs for Cipla, “we are supplying the springs through Atlas Capco and H lazatic. The spring is used directly for inhaling oxygen,” if the spring does not work death will occur. The spring has a very critical function.”

Market Segmentation of the Company

The company is a major supplier to the automotive and non-automotive segments. “Aerospace and the Medical Devices industry are niche markets and have a very low demand at the moment for us,” explains Mithul Shah, Vice President of Sales of the company. “There are a large number of domains like Oil and Gas and appliance Manufacturing that require springs.”

The company is not content to rest on its laurels and is developing a new variety of springs that will be used by the medical device industry, for heart patients undergoing angiography. “We are working on this spring with the medical industry, and it is in the pipeline. The Medical Devices Industry is a niche industry, and we are working to provide springs to that industry,” reveals Mithul.


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