Norway Named as Partner Country at HANNOVER MESSE 2024


In a landmark event held in Berlin, Jan Christian Vestre, Norway’s Minister of Trade and Industry, and Dr. Jochen Köckler, Chairman of the Managing Board of Deutsche Messe AG, officially announced Norway’s selection as the Partner Country for an upcoming key international event. This announcement, made at the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding, underscores Norway’s dedication to leading and innovating in the green industrial revolution, showcasing its commitment to developing sustainable and forward-thinking industrial solutions.

At the recent signing of the Memorandum of Understanding in Berlin, it was officially announced that Norway will be the Partner Country at HANNOVER MESSE 2024. This prestigious role highlights Norway’s commitment to pioneering green industrial solutions. Jan Christian Vestre, Norway’s Minister of Trade and Industry, expressed pride in this opportunity to showcase Norway’s advanced industry, energy technology, and green business initiatives​​.

Norway 2024: Pioneering the Green Industrial Transition

Norway’s rich industrial heritage as a reliable energy producer is set to play a key role in the transition to a low-carbon society. The country’s theme for the fair, “Norway 2024: Pioneering the Green Industrial Transition,” underscores its drive towards renewable energy, carbon-neutral production, and integrating green and digital solutions​​. Jan Christian Vestre, Norway’s Minister of Trade and Industry, expressed great pride in Norway being named the Partner Country at HANNOVER MESSE.

Mr Vestre highlighted Norway’s advantages, including its highly skilled workforce, advanced industry, and cutting-edge energy technology, which position it as a pivotal player in the global shift towards sustainable practices. Vestre also emphasized Norway’s reputation for trust and stability, making it an attractive destination for business. He shared his excitement about this opportunity, viewing it as a platform to demonstrate Norway’s unique business approach and the country’s valuable contributions to the industry.


Dr. Jochen Köckler, Chairman of the Managing Board of Deutsche Messe AG, emphasized that Norway’s participation strengthens European cooperation on energy and climate issues. He highlighted the Norwegian-German Energy Conference, a key event during the fair focusing on the hydrogen economy​​. Held at the Hannover Exhibition Center in Germany, HANNOVER MESSE is a leading global trade fair for industrial technology. It showcases the latest innovations in manufacturing and energy systems and attracts global decision-makers and industry leaders. The Partner Country selection at HANNOVER MESSE is significant, recognizing a nation’s contributions to industrial progress and business opportunities​​.

Norway’s integration into the European internal market through the EEA Agreement facilitates smooth trade and investment flows between Norway, Germany, and the EU. Norway and Germany have a strategic partnership focusing on climate, renewable energy, and green industry, furthering collaboration in the green transition​​. At HANNOVER MESSE, the Norway Pavilion in Hall 12 will be a central point for showcasing Norwegian companies’ solutions for the energy transition and sustainable industry. This includes energy, process industry, battery/charging solutions, and digitalization. The pavilion aims to foster collaboration between Norwegian and international businesses and attract foreign investment​​.


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