HERMES AWARD: Acknowledging Innovation at HANNOVER MESSE 2024

Bosch Rexroth Clinches the HERMES AWARD 2023 with its Smart Flex Effector Project (Image Credits:

As anticipation builds for HANNOVER MESSE 2024, Deutsche Messe AG is once again extending a warm invitation to companies and institutions participating in the event to submit entries for HERMES AWARD, recognized as one of the most significant industrial prize in the world. The award ceremony, scheduled to take place during the opening ceremony on April 21, 2024, will be graced by the presence of Germany’s Minister of Education and Research, Bettina Stark-Watzinger.

HANNOVER MESSE is one of the premier global trade fair for industry, uniting companies in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, digital industries, and energy. The theme of “Industrial Transformation” is a focal point, featuring exhibitors showcasing forward-looking solutions for future production methods and energy supply. Key topics encompass Industrie 4.0/Manufacturing-X, Energy for Industry, Digitization/Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Carbon-neutral Production, Hydrogen, and Fuel Cells. The event, accompanied by conferences and forums, will take place in Hannover, Germany, from April 22 to 26, 2024.

For the inaugural time, Ing. Holger Hanselka, President of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, assumes the role of the chairperson of the independent jury. During his leadership, the jury will select three products for both the HERMES AWARD and the HERMES Startup AWARD from the entries and subsequently designate the winners from the chosen nominees. Criteria such as technological innovation, industry impact, environmental and societal benefits, as well as cost-effectiveness and implementation readiness, play a pivotal role in evaluating the entries deserving of the award.

Annually, Deutsche Messe AG acknowledges a company with the HERMES AWARD, recognizing a product or solution showcasing exceptional technological innovation. Consideration is exclusively given to technology solutions that have proven their efficacy in industrial practice. Bosch Rexroth secured the HERMES AWARD 2023 for its Smart Flex Effector project – a sensor-based compensation module for robots with precise kinematics in six degrees of freedom.

Designed for handling and joining processes in automation and robotics, it accommodates loads up to 6 kg. The Smart Flex Effector enables robots to sense the position of workpieces, making it versatile for diverse applications, including human-robot collaboration as an add-on device for various robotic systems.

HERMES Startup AWARD 2023, on the other hand, had celebrated MantiSpectra, a dynamic company based in the Netherlands. ChipSense, a product by MantiSpectra, emerged victorious for its fully integrated near-infrared sensor, the smallest of its kind in the market with a mere 1 mm2 footprint. ChipSense’s real-time data capabilities empower industries in rapid and highly accurate analysis directly on the production line. With applications spanning industry, agriculture, and food processing, ChipSense operates in detecting defects as they occur, facilitating immediate quality control and cost savings.

As the deadline for submissions approaches, companies and institutions participating in HANNOVER MESSE are encouraged to seize this opportunity to showcase their pioneering contributions to industrial innovation. The HERMES AWARD and HERMES Startup AWARD continue to serve as prestigious platforms, recognizing and celebrating excellence in technological advancement within the global industrial landscape.


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