Air~Alert & AB Series Oil Free air compressors steal the show at Hannover Messe 2023

Dr Jairam Varadaraj, Managing Director of ELGi Equipments at Hannover Messe 2023

Elgi Equipments Limited, a leading global manufacturer of compressed air systems, made waves at Hannover Messe by unveiling its latest range of state-of-the-art innovations aimed at energy efficiency and increased productivity. ELGi’s range of products, including oil-free compressors, reciprocating air compressors, and integrated heat recovery systems, received rave reviews from visitors. In addition, ELGi showcased Air~Alert, its IoT-enabled monitoring and alert system.

Elgi Equipment Limited, a global air compressor manufacturer with a broad line of innovative and technologically superior compressed air systems, successfully showcased its latest innovations at Hannover Messe 2023. ELGi has consistently worked towards ensuring that its customers achieve their productivity goals while keeping the cost of ownership low, which was very well appreciated by the visitors at Hannover Messe 2023. ELGi offers a complete range of compressed air solutions, from oil-lubricated and oil-free rotary screw compressors, oil-lubricated and oil-free reciprocating compressors, and centrifugal compressors, to dryers, filters, and downstream accessories. 

Team ELGI with Dr Jairam Varadaraj, Managing Director of Elgi Equipments Limited & Chris Ringlstetter, President of Elgi Compressors Europe at Hannover Messe 2023

“Today, our portfolio on display at Hannover Messe reaffirms our commitment to responding to customers’ needs for a step-change in energy efficiency. In the journey towards sustainability and net zero operations, customer requirements evolve from lower energy consumption to thorough life cycle cost assessments. For example, while air compressors consume approximately 10% of Europe’s overall industrial electrical energy demand, over 70% of a compressor’s lifecycle costs are made up by the energy used during operations”, shared Dr Jairam Varadaraj, Managing Director of Elgi Equipments Limited.

ELGi Compressor Europe: Making its Presence Felt at Hannover Messe

Chris Ringlstetter, President of ELGi Compressors Europe, acknowledges that the success of their company in the European market is because of their reliable products and their team’s dedication. In 2019, Elgi Equipments Limited decided to establish a subsidiary in Europe, and since then, the team has grown from just two individuals to 120 people, including the sales and service team.

“We started as a start-up, and during the pandemic, we established ELGi as a reliable air compressor manufacturer for the European market. I want to extend the credit to our European team, who believed in ELGi and joined us from established players during the challenging times,” shares Chris Ringlstetter. With over 70 sales and service engineers and a solid European channel partner network, ELGi Compressors Europe has significantly contributed to Elgi Equipments Limited’s total turnover.

“We will continue to grow as the European market trusts our products and their performance. We are happy that the visitors at Hannover Messe found our innovations can make a difference in their business”, added Chris Ringlstetter.

ELGi’s Five Compressed Air Innovations at Hannover Messe

At Hannover Messe 2023, ELGi showcased its five new products, along with their Air~Alert: an intelligent product monitoring and alert system to enhance their advanced compressors’ performance. The ELGi AB Series portfolio of oil-free air compressors offers the highest level of air purity and significant gains in energy efficiency and sustainability at a low total cost of ownership. These compressors use advanced technology to provide oil-free air for various applications and are designed for maximum energy efficiency and sustainability. Also, these compressors discharge air with no microbiological containment.

Dr Jairam Varadaraj, Managing Director of Elgi Equipments Limited, with Chris Ringlstetter, President of Elgi Compressors Europe at Hannover Messe 2023

The ELGi OF Series of air compressors, including integrated heat recovery systems, were also displayed. They can help the unit recover up to 90% of the heat generated during the compression process and have improved performance within the 4.5–10 bar operating range.

ELGi also showcased the EG Series of air compressors with 2-stage compression and new drive motors aimed at improving efficiency. These electric lubricated screw high-performance air compressors were designed for reliability and ease of maintenance and backed up with an industry-leading warranty. In addition, the PMSM technology brings a significant breakthrough in energy efficiency by enabling improved turndowns without sacrificing efficiency in variable frequency drive (VFD) applications. This innovative solution reduces energy consumption and increases free air delivery, delivering significant cost savings and environmental benefits.

The LD Series, lubricated direct-drive reciprocating air compressors, was another innovation on display in piston air compressor technology. The LD Series piston air compressors are best suited for applications across the general engineering, automotive, textile, plastics, rubber, and woodworking industrial segments. These are best suited for industry segments requiring high-performing piston air compressors to meet fluctuating air needs and ensure energy efficiency, ease of maintenance, and low-noise compressor operations.

Finally, ELGi showcased its air compressor monitoring and alert system, “Air~Alert.” The Air~Alert is an IoT-enabled device that communicates compressor performance data to ELGi servers. It sends critical information to dedicated ELGi servers, allowing them to prevent equipment failure. These tools enable operators to identify areas of air loss or inefficiencies, resulting in increased system performance, sustainability, reliability, and cost efficiency.

“For over 60 years, we have been committed to developing compressed air solutions that contribute to driving down the total cost of ownership with class-leading energy efficiency, process improvements, new products, and processes. Moreover, our compressed air experts put the customer at the core of every decision and activity, ensuring an “always better” customer experience over the entire life of their ELGi compressors,” added Dr Jairam Varadaraj. 

Elgi Equipments Limited’s presence at Hannover Messe demonstrated its unwavering commitment to providing its customers with the most advanced and sustainable compressed air systems. With its cutting-edge products, Elgi continues to lead the way in energy efficiency, sustainability, and low cost of ownership. As industries strive towards achieving net-zero operations, ELGi’s range of products and services position it as one of the global leaders in the compressed air space, offering customers the best-in-class solutions for their compressed air needs.


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