India Smart Tech Conference 2023: Accelerating Smart Solutions in the Tech Ecosystem

Malcom Bendall: Pioneer in Plasma Physics

The India Smart Tech Conference 2023 is scheduled at the Helipad Exhibition Centre in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, on 8 December 2023. This premier annual event, renowned for catalysing technological innovation and collaboration, is set to occur concurrently with the dynamic ENGIMACH 2023 exhibition.

India Smart Tech Conf 2023 is poised to unite pioneers in the technology landscape, investors, and visionary startup founders. This two-day event will cover various tracks across various industries, focusing on how innovation drives prosperity for the tech industry and entrepreneurs.​​ India Smart Tech Conf is not just a gathering but a dynamic convergence of ideas, expertise, and solutions, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange. It is a platform that empowers participants to harness cutting-edge technology for innovation and progress.​​.

The conference will showcase transformative technologies, including Cyber Security, Factory Automation, Big Data Analytics, Digital Twins, Blockchain, and Artificial Intelligence. These innovations are set to revolutionise industry operations and foster unprecedented growth​​. The agenda includes:

  • Understanding and implementing Smart Technology
  • Smart Technology for productive growth and sustainable development
  • Challenges and solutions in implementing Smart Technology across various sectors​​.

Energising Tomorrow: Malcolm Bendall Unveils MSAART Technology

Amit Arora

Prepare to be captivated at the India Smart Tech Conference 2023 with the unveiling of a groundbreaking technology by Malcolm Bendall, a pioneer in plasma physics. Bendall’s MSAART technology, a result of his extensive research and exploration in energy generation and propulsion, stands as a significant breakthrough inspired by the collective wisdom of historical physics giants.

Amit Arora, Founder of Requisite Agility, adds to the excitement, saying, “Buckle up for an electrifying day at the Helipad Exhibition Centre on December 8th! Our lineup of speakers is a tech galaxy ready to warp your minds into the future. With thought leaders like Sunil Prashara, Mei Lin Fung, and others joining the stage, get ready for a mind-bending experience where ideas collide, and innovation takes flight. Save the date – December 8th is when the future unfolds!”

Join the Convergence of Science, Innovation, and Energy

Kamlesh Gohil Engimach
Kamlesh Gohil

Don’t miss the opportunity to attend Malcolm’s session and witness the convergence of science, innovation, and the future of energy. This event is set to be a captivating experience that promises to push the limits of what we thought was possible in energy technology. The organisers of India Smart Tech Conference 2023 are KDCL and Requisite Technologies.

K AND D COMMUNICATION LIMITED (KDCL), founded in 1997 by Kamlesh Gohil, stands as a trailblazer in the field of trade fair organization in India. With a rich history spanning 25 years, KDCL has successfully organized over 75 national and international exhibitions across various industrial segments. Renowned for offering comprehensive turnkey solutions for events, KDCL’s flagship exhibition ENGIMACH has been a cornerstone in the engineering, automation, and manufacturing sectors for the last 25 years.

Joining hands with KDCL is Requisite Technologies Pvt Ltd, a global entity with 25 years of market experience, specializing in automation, cloud services, Internet of Things (IoT), and user experience (UX) solutions. Together, they bring a wealth of expertise and innovation to the forefront of industry exhibitions.


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