STUDER Introduces Cutting-Edge Automation Solution at EMO 2023

Fritz Studer AG, market leader in grinding, to reveal new automation for S31 cylindrical grinder.

The world of precision grinding is about to witness a revolutionary leap forward as Fritz Studer AG, a prominent market and technology leader in universal, external, internal cylindrical, and non-circular grinding, gears up to present its latest innovation at EMO 2023 in Hanover, Germany. Collaborating with the UNITED GRINDING Group, the company will showcase a new automation solution on the S31 universal external cylindrical grinding machine at their joint stand in Hall 11, booth E34. This highly anticipated event will also feature an array of other state-of-the-art machines, each designed to meet diverse industrial grinding needs.

Stealing the limelight at EMO 2023 will be the cutting-edge automation solution featured on the S31 universal external cylindrical grinding machine. This innovation promises to revolutionize the way grinding processes are executed, elevating efficiency, precision, and productivity to unprecedented heights. With the automation solution, grinding tasks will be seamlessly integrated, optimizing the entire production process. Visitors to the stand can explore how this groundbreaking advancement paves the way for the future of industrial automation.

Among the other machines on display will be the § favorit, tailored to be the price-performance hit for essential applications. Its exceptional value for money makes it an attractive option for manufacturers looking to maximize their grinding capabilities without compromising on quality. Next up is the S33 with uniLoad, another offering from STUDER designed to cater to individual requirements. Its versatility and adaptability ensure that it remains a reliable companion for a wide range of grinding tasks.

For those seeking entry-level solutions without compromising on ergonomics and performance, the S100 machine awaits them at the STUDER stand. Engineered to deliver outstanding results and cater to novice grinding operations, the S100 is the ideal solution for those entering the precision grinding domain.

Rounding off the display will be the S131R with roboLoad, a true expert in tackling the most intricate internal grinding tasks with utmost precision and efficiency. This machine’s ability to handle a diverse range of internal grinding applications makes it a vital asset for manufacturing facilities striving for unparalleled excellence.

However, STUDER’s innovative prowess doesn’t stop at their machines alone. EMO 2023 will also witness the continuation of the customer-oriented REvolution, first introduced at EMO 2021 in Milan. Central to this groundbreaking concept is the unveiling of C.O.R.E., an advanced hardware and software architecture that redefines the interaction between machines and operators. C.O.R.E. represents much more than a mere operating system; it unlocks new possibilities for networking, control, and monitoring of the production process, leading to unparalleled process optimization.

By embracing C.O.R.E., STUDER sets the stage for the implementation of modern IoT applications, propelling the industry towards a more connected and digitalized future. This visionary step positions the company at the forefront of Industry 4.0 and reaffirms their commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions that empower manufacturers across the globe.

With over a century of experience in the development and manufacturing of precision cylindrical grinding machines, STUDER’s name has become synonymous with top-notch quality and innovation. Their unrivaled expertise in all aspects of the grinding process ensures that customers not only receive precision machinery but also tailored solutions that meet their specific needs.

As the curtains rise on EMO 2023, the anticipation is palpable, with attendees eager to witness the unveiling of STUDER’s latest automation solution and explore the possibilities that C.O.R.E. brings to the world of grinding. As the industry embarks on an exciting journey into the digital future, STUDER’s commitment to “The Art of Grinding” remains steadfast, assuring manufacturers that their partnership with STUDER guarantees unrivaled excellence for many years to come.


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