Make in India is Possible: Building Import Substitutes is the Key!

Sanco dam Technology
Sanco dam Technology

Manufacturing is considered the backbone of a country’s economic development. India’s manufacturing industry is in a state of transition from depending on foreign components to developing its own indigenous capabilities. 

The Government has repeatedly pushed forward the idea of ‘Make in India’ and ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ to help the industry shed its reluctance in adopting indigenous products. Various companies have revolutionized the market by offering indigenous solutions which are in some cases even better as compared to foreign products. 

Things have certainly changed for the better. From simple things like increasing the ease of doing business in India to making it easier to apply for licenses online, things have significantly improved. There is also healthy competition between states and many states are coming forward to provide infrastructure and incentives to boost their indigenization drive. 

D K Sharma, Past President of TAGMA India during the inauguration of Sanco Dies and Moulds High-Tech Tool Room at Pune during 2021

Scope for Indigenisation 

India has one of the biggest workforces in the world which include skilled individuals who are bringing revolutions in the industry through their innovations. However, there are still many sectors that are dependent on foreign industries for the supply of critical components due to the lack of any local options. Or there is an indigenized product but people are hesitant to accept that. This should be seen as an opportunity for entrepreneurs and businesses they could explore and supply necessary components indigenously. 

Possible bottlenecks in the form of quality and efficiency of the manufacturing process also need to be addressed to make India a true manufacturing hub. At Sanco we use the latest and the best technologies from around the globe to offer our customers the best possible facilities and products which can rival any world-class counterpart. This consistency in quality in manufacturing plays a key role in winning consumer trust and establishing the product successfully. 

Sanco Group: Building Nation's Capability 

Manufacturing as a sector is strategically as important to the country as infrastructure because when global supply chains break down indigenous capabilities can come to the rescue. There is a huge scope for indigenized products in various sectors such as electronics, aviation, medical and many more where imports play a predominant role. In the case of Sanco toys, we found that no electronic toys are manufactured in India – they are just assembled here while the complex machining work is done in other countries. We came to the realization that India didn’t have an advanced tool room to precisely manufacture complex electronic components. 

We took this as a challenge as a team and set up a world-class tool room with the capability of manufacturing complex dies and moulds for any type of product with ease. Equipped with high-tech machines from world-class manufacturers, we are committed to bringing our customers differentiated solutions as well as offering superior performance, flexibility and reliability essential to the production of complex to precision moulds and tools. 

Germany based SIMCON recently published a case story on how SANCO Dies and Moulds are using the latest technologies to design precision moulds for the plastic industry, Download Now

Sanco Dies and Moulds Private Limited have a unique amalgamation of technology, innovation and talent with over 20 years of rich experience in the Precision Tool Room Sector. Headquartered in Pune, our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility boasts of delivering, high precision dies, moulds, components and services to our customers across the globe. With technology at our helm, we are leading the transition towards a new age in manufacturing.


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