ZOLLER India to showcase Complete Tool Management Solutions at DMI 2024

Zoller India- General Manager

ZOLLER India Pvt Ltd is set to showcase transformative solutions at the upcoming TAGMA 2024 show in Mumbai. General Manager, Amit Salunkhe highlighted the innovations, such as shrink fit solutions, shrink fit tooling, and their flagship tool presetting machine, aimed at revolutionizing Die & Mould component manufacturing. Attendees can expect valuable insights into how these innovations can enhance and streamline manufacturing processes.

ZOLLER India, headquartered in Pune, serves its customers with tool presetting, measuring machines, inspection equipment, tool management software, heat-shrink systems, and balancing machines. Established in 2004, the company is a customer-oriented enterprise under the leadership of the third generation of the ZOLLER family. Originating as a mechanical workshop in 1945 by Alfred Zoller in Germany, ZOLLER has evolved into one of the global leader in innovative presetting and measuring machines, as well as software for tool management. 

ZOLLER India focus on providing complete solutions is obvious in their line-up of offerings. The shrink fit solution, a key highlight, addresses the critical need for precision in manufacturing. By holding technology, ZOLLER India ensures that their solutions not only enhance productivity but also boost the overall precision of the manufacturing process. The shrink fit tooling solution, another important part of their showcase, caters specifically to the selective needs of Indian mould customers and component manufacturers.

The importance of TAGMA for ZOLLER India, Mr Salunkhe expresses, lies in the symbiotic relationship between the two entities. The synergy between the two companies positions ZOLLER India as the ideal partner for Die & Mould manufacturers, providing a complete set of tools and machines crucial for the industry.

One of ZOLLER India’s standout solutions is their tool pre-setting machine. In a world where precision is non-negotiable, this machine emerges as a game-changer for Die & Mould component manufacturers. The ability to pre-set tools accurately before the actual manufacturing process contributes significantly to efficiency and ensures that each component meets the highest standards of quality.

A remarkable addition to ZOLLER India’s line-up is the POM or the MU Focus machine. This innovative solution allows manufacturers to evaluate surface roughness values directly on machine components. This not only well organise the quality control process but also offers a real-time evaluation of the components’ surface finish, contributing to the overall efficiency of the manufacturing cycle.

For those keen on experiencing these transformative solutions first-hand, ZOLLER India awaits visitors at Hall 2, Booth Number H05, offering an opportunity to witness the future of precision manufacturing. Mr Salunkhe acknowledges the importance of this participation, highlighting  the mutual exchange of ideas and feedback between exhibitors and visitors. It is this collaborative spirit that encourages innovation and continuous improvement in the manufacturing sector.

In the competitive industry of Die & Mould manufacturing, ZOLLER India presence at DMI is not just a showcase but an invitation for industry players to explore the domain of possibilities. The expectations from the show are clear – to engage with visitors, understand their needs, and offer tailored solutions that enhance their regular manufacturing processes.


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