Jyoti CNC to Showcase Next-Gen VMCs for Toolmakers at DIE & MOULD India 


Jyoti CNC Automation Ltd, a leading name in the CNC machinery industry, is preparing to make a significant mark at the upcoming DIE & MOULD INDIA 2024, hosted by the Tool and Gauge Manufacturers Association – India (TAGMA INDIA). Scheduled from February 14th to 17th, 2024, at the Bombay Exhibition Centre, Goregaon, Mumbai, this event stands as India’s premier die and mould sector platform. 

With a rich history dating back to 1989, Jyoti CNC Automation Limited has established itself as a powerhouse in the manufacturing sector, reflecting a commitment to technological innovation and precise engineering. From producing gearboxes to pioneering the development of CNC machines, the company has consistently stayed ahead of the curve. At TAGMA’s Die & Mould India 2024, Jyoti CNC Automation will showcase many of their Make in India machines, which can bring precision solutions for the toolmakers.

The major products that Jyoti CNC will showcase at the event are its acclaimed VMC nvu Series, Performance Series – C-Frame VMC, and RDX Series. These machines are carefully crafted to meet the demands of the die-mould industry, offering exceptional precision, reliability, and efficiency.  The VMC nvu Series, comprising variants like VMC 430nvu, VMC 850nvu, and VMC1260nvu, has strong construction, a dynamic structure, and quick axis acceleration, making it ideal for high material removal applications in die moulds.

Similarly, the Performance Series – C-Frame VMC and RDX Series are engineered to deliver exceptional performance, meeting the changing needs of the industry. The expertise of key personnel, including Rajeev Tembe, Himanshu Shaparia, Pankaj Bandal, and Vikas Taneja will mark Jyoti CNC’s presence at DIE & MOULD INDIA 2024. These seasoned professionals bring a wealth of experience and insights to the table, further enriching the company’s engagement at the event. 

A varied objective lies at the heart of Jyoti CNC’s participation in DIE & MOULD INDIA 2024. The company aims to leverage this platform for networking opportunities, fostering knowledge exchange, conducting market research, showcasing its diverse range of products and services, enhancing brand visibility, seeking collaboration channels, and exploring opportunities for professional development and market expansion. 

Since its inception, Jyoti CNC Automation Ltd. has received numerous awards and holds six accreditations. Offering a diverse range of products such as CNC Turning Centers, CNC Vertical Machining Centers, CNC Horizontal Machining Centers, CNC Turn Mill Centers, CNC Vertical Line Machines, and High-tech CNC 3-axis and 5-axis machining centres, Jyoti CNC has expanded its global presence by establishing distribution networks across continents, including Europe. With a strong network of 29 sales and service centres spanning 12 states in India, the company ensures efficient support and service to its customers. 


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