Datum Finder: A Game-Changer by Manleo Designs at DIE & MOULD INDIA 2024


Manleo Designs, a leading innovator in precision machine tool probes and tool setters, is eagerly preparing to unveil their state-of-the-art solutions at the eagerly awaited DIE & MOULD INDIA 2024 exhibition, hosted by the Tool & Gauge Manufacturers Association (TAGMA). Set to take place from February 14-17, 2024, at the Bombay Exhibition Centre in Mumbai, this biennial event serves as the premier gathering for professionals in the die and mould industry, offering an extensive platform for showcasing cutting-edge advancements and fostering collaboration.

In a recent interview, Rashmi Gururaj Rao, Co-Founder Director at Manleo Designs, shed light on the company’s offerings and their significant impact on the die and mould sector. With over 400 customers in the die mould industry out of their broad customer base, Manleo Designs has established itself with solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of this sector.

One of their flagship products, the Datum Finder, has transformed in-machine inspection for die and mould manufacturers. By providing CMM level accuracy inside the machine, the Datum Finder enables customers to identify variations before the die or mould is removed, thus avoiding costly rework and saving significant time. Rashmi highlighted that customers utilizing the Datum Finder reported savings of up to one to two lakh rupees per month per machine, along with a notable increase in productivity, translating to a potential 20% boost in output.

Additionally, Manleo Designs is set to introduce the Opto Z, offering consistent tool length and addressing common challenges such as blue matching, widespread in the die mould industry. With precise measurements and increased confidence in quality assurance, customers can simplify operations, reduce reliance on manual interventions, and even consider Indian machine options confidently for their manufacturing needs.

Abhijit Bhat, Managing Principal (CEO) of Manleo Designs Pvt. Ltd., highlighted the crucial role of automation and reliable technologies in elevating India’s position in the global die and mould industry. With the Datum Finder already widely adopted within the sector, the company is set to launch a wireless version of the product, further enhancing its accessibility and functionality.

Established in 1998 and headquartered in Bangalore, Manleo specializes in the design and manufacture of precision machine tool probes and tool setters. With a history of over 8500 successful probe sales domestically and exports to the US, Middle East, and Europe, the company has earned a reputation for durable products and exceptional service. Utilized by over 150 companies across India and serving as OEM suppliers to two well-known CNC machine manufacturers, Manleo’s probes facilitate measurements ranging from component references to tool length offsets. With an average probe lifespan exceeding five years and contributing to productivity increases ranging from 6% to 40%, Manleo’s offerings are valued for their accuracy, speed, and durability.


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