Dairy industry protects milk quality and hygiene with ‘KK Cans’

Adarsh Kothari
Adarsh Kothari

From the modest beginning of aluminum cans manufacturer during ‘Operation Flood Programme’ in the 70’s to becoming India’s pioneering producer of single joint SS milk cans, Khambete Kothari Cans and Allied Products Pvt. Ltd has come a long way. Today, popularly known as ‘KK Cans’, the company is the largest manufacturer of quality milk cans and cooling equipment in India.

During the Dairy Industry Expo 2019, Machine Maker spoke to Adarsh Kothari, Director, KK Cans & Allied Products Private Limited who took us through the journey. KK Cans and Allied Products, part of the Kothari Group of Companies, was established in 1975 and gradually it expanded its products range and diversified into other segments as well to offer a complete solution for the entire dairy process chain.

“We started with aluminum milk cans during the ‘Operation Flood Programme’ and then gradually expanded into stainless steel milk cans, and then we came into milk testing equipment, and then to bulk milk coolers in 1999 which at that time was imported from European companies. We brought the bulk milk cooler which is 30% cheaper than the imported ones. Now, we are doing complete dairy projects. As of now, we are doing 4 lakh liters dairy projects in Gujarat and specialty chilling centers. Some of our products are patented.”

“From milk procurement to processing, we do complete designing, designing of the building, and the machine layout. We also give complete solutions from receiving of milk, chilling of the milk, pasteurization, and by-products.”

Today, other than KK Cans, Kothari Group of Companies has two other entities – Kothari Milkplan Technologies and Associated Dairyfab Pvt. Ltd. – to offer solutions for the entire spectrum of the dairy sector.

Kothari Milkplan is an Indo-Greek joint venture that was for the milk cooler and cans. Associated Dairyfab Pvt. Ltd. offers complete project execution and trading of all dairy processing equipment.

KK Cans started manufacturing of one-piece aluminum alloy milk cans. With a vision of growth, the aim of upgrading the raw quality of milk and valued feedback from the customer, KK Products introduced stainless steel 304 milk cans and bulk milk coolers for its customers.

“During Operation Flood Programme, plastics and mild steel cans were in use. In mild steel cans, welding was in three areas which used to get corroded. So, to overcome this problem, the National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) itself came up with aluminum. Over the years, aluminum can have been used for it is one piece; there is no joint in it, and it is good anodized can. So, it is durable and lightweight. The only observation is that after a few years of use there is layer found in aluminum tanks.”

“Stainless steel tank was prevalent in Europe and everywhere in dairy equipment and handling. So, gradually stainless steel came into use here as well. Both aluminum and stainless steel have their advantages. But, stainless steel for cans and tanks is preferred in the market as these are easy to clean.”

Through continuous research and efforts, the company always strives to upgrade the quality of the product with less cost.

He feels the Indian dairy sector has had a drastic change in awareness of hygiene and cleanliness in milk procurement and storing. India is the world’s largest milk producer but 70 percent of the milk produce is still from the unorganized sector where handling and transportation of milk are still unhygienic and open to the air.

“The new idea is to bring the chilled milk from the source to the dairy so that bacteria count is less. It also has to be pasteurized compulsory. People are now aware of the milk quality because pasteurized milk is only good for health. So, there is a drastic change because the customers are getting aware of.”

Today KK Cans products are synonymous with cleanliness and hygiene in milk procurement and storing, available at every corner of the country and exported to 42 countries globally.

In its third years of participation at the Dairy Industry Expo, KK exhibited its milk cans, milk coolers, online pasteurizers for small and medium scale dairies, and received responses as per expectation, Mr. Kothari mentioned.



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