Vedant Tools sets Global Bench Mark: Crankshaft Drill Exhibits Better Tool Life during Trial Cross Hole Drilling

Vedant Tools
Vedant Tools

A prominent supplier of high-quality cutting tools to the leading precision component manufacturers in India, Vedant Tools Private Limited is based out of Kolhapur, Maharashtra. They are the manufacturers of Make in India VEDANT Solid Carbide Cutting Tools and best known for the unerring accuracy, superb finishing, and optimum pricing with global quality. 

The tools offered by Vedant Tools are Wear Resistant and Cost-effective. Vedant solid carbide tools offer maximum productivity with high durability and are tested to withstand high heat and pressure.


Dayanand Netalkar

Established in the year 1965, Srinivas Induction Hardening Private Limited part of Netalkar Group of Industries is based in Belgavi, Karnataka. Srinivas Induction Hardening is a leading manufacturer offering a wide range of Automobile crankshafts, tractor crankshafts within the preset time limit. They supply major automotive OEMs globally including, Mahindra & Mahindra, John Deer, Renault Nissan, and other industry majors like Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Kirloskar Engines, to name a few.

Srinivas Induction Hardening comes with a great history, with its founder Late Ganapati Netalkar choosing steel & crankshaft over their ancestral business of gold & jewellery. Today led by its Director, Dayanand Netalkar, Srinivas Induction Hardening serve the growing demand of the automotive sector, with high quality and on-time delivery.

Srinivas Induction Hardening entrusted Vedant Tools for performing a trial on cross-drilling operation on the crankshaft which is a high precision job. Vedant Tool’s long drill produced an excellent cutting performance with higher tool life.

The Challenge

Crankshafts are known as ‘The Heart of the Engine’, especially in an automotive engine. In the manufacturing of crankshafts for automotive engine, creating oil holes in the main and pin bearings needs to be as much accurate as the position, dimensions and contour of the external geometry.

Dattatray Desai

These oil holes are the channels through which the lubricant is supplied to the contact point between the conrod and crankshaft. They run at right angles to the symmetry axis of the shaft, as well as at a diagonal, and are interconnected. Only an accurate entry of the medium into and a precision exit from the oil hole guarantee the efficiency of the lubricating process. 

“Generating cross-hole is a high precision job. Drilling holes to the required precision and chamfering them according to drawing tolerances is a decisive factor. It requires a cutting-edge Extra-long drill to perform the task with precision”, said Dattatray Desai, Founder & Managing Director of Vedant Tools.

An extra-long drill is a type of twist drill made especially for drilling deep holes in harder materials such as steel. Such drill has a unique geometry than conventional drills, therefore, offering better penetration in denser materials.

The Trial 

Tools used by VEDANT on trail

Vedant Tools was entrusted with the task to perform a trail on cross-hole drilling operation on the crankshaft by Srinivas Induction Hardening. The crankshaft is made of forged steel with a hardness level of 280 to 320 BHN. The scope of the trial contract included the drilling of four holes with a depth of 108 mm. 

Technical Data: Vc 60 Mtrs/Min, Spindle Speed N 3200 Rpm, Coolant – Internal mist coolant, Feed 0.16 mm/Rev, Total No. of Job: – 290, and Tool Life In Meters: – 125.


Vedant’s extra-long Drill not only offered superior cutting performance but also better Tool Life in Metre as compared to drills offered by other existing players in the category. A comparative analysis showcased that competitor drill offers 108 Tool Life in Meter whereas Vedant’s crankshaft drill offered 121 Tool Life In Meter during the same process.   

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