Smile 600 Upgraded to Pilot 2.0: ZOLLER Refurbishes Alicon’s Tool Presetter

ZOLLER Pilot Tool Presetter
ZOLLER Pilot Tool Presetter
  • Alicon Castalloy, one of India’s leading aluminium casting products manufacturer, trusted ZOLLER India’s expertise to refurbish its old tool presetting & measuring machine 
  • ZOLLER India successfully refurbished the machine and upgraded its electronics, giving it a new performance boost
  • ZOLLER specialises in Industry4.o, offers Tool Presetting & Measuring, Smart Tool Management Solutions

Offline tool presetting is a process that helps increase productivity by reducing the tool set up time on CNC machines. Refurbishment of any Tool Presetter may include cleaning, retrofitting, upgrading, repainting, and other tasks for bringing it back in shape/appearance or giving it the necessary performance boost for making it future compliant.


Smile 600 Tool Presetter at Alicon Castalloy

Alicon Castalloy Ltd is part of the Alicon Group which is one of the largest integrated aluminium casting manufacturers offering full-system-solutions across the entire value chain. Alicon makes a perfect amalgamation of the best of European engineering, Japanese Quality and Indian Ingenuity to produce exceptional and innovative aluminium casting products.

ZOLLER India is part of ZOLLER GmbH, a global leader in Tool Presetter & Tool Management Solutions. Its specialities lie in Industry 4.0 Ready Tool Presetting & Measuring, Tool Management, Tool Inspection, and Automation Solutions to help manufacturers inch towards ‘Smart Factory’.


Smile 600 dismantled at ZOLLER before refurbishing

Alicon Castalloy has been using ZOLLER smile 600 Tool Presetter (Machine Serial Number: VSM600-00124) since 2006 and has been running in mint condition. The machine has a measurement range of 600 mm in the height axis and 420 mm in the diameter axis and is equipped with a high precision SK50 spindle.

But with time, the external paint coatings of the machine wore off with layers of white paint caked upon each other. Some components, like the spindle and the adapters, had become rusty. Others, like the main switch, and the membrane keyboard showed signs of damage. The machine needed attention from an expert – any of ZOLLER’s service engineers.

Besides, as technology evolves over time, it was also pertinent to upgrade the electronics hardware of the machine to the latest specifications.

This is where ZOLLER stepped in.


ZOLLER Team on Work

“We suggested a complete refurbishment of the machine which was approved by the Alicon team. We took the machine to our office, where we took it down part by part to assess the damage. All parts were found in proper condition except the main switch, membrane keyboard, weight equalizer belt and bellow covers of both X & Z axes”, commented Dnyaneshwar Jadhav Regional Sales Manager of ZOLLER India.

The machine was cleaned. After cleaning the layer of old paint was removed. Then they carried out a fabrication process, followed by painting.

After this process, the damaged parts were replaced and reassembled the machine. The electronics hardware was also upgraded to support Pilot 2.0 software which expanded the capabilities of the machine and made it future-ready. A new ZOLLER sticker was then pasted on the machine. 

A Final Check

Refurbished Tool Presetter Ready to be Delivered

“After the assembly was done, we checked the machine alignment with a test mandrel. A calibration and accuracy check followed, which gave positive results. The machine was then put under watch for a week before being sent to the customer’, says Apoorv Nene, Technical Sales Manager of ZOLLER India.


The refurbishment process was carried out successfully. The electronics were upgraded to Pilot 2.0. Thanks to the refurbishment, the service life of the said machine was extended.


Project Service Engineers: Dhananjay Angolkar, Gajanan Desai & Uttam Patil

The case at hand also conveys ZOLLER’s expertise at not only delivering a quality product but also excelling at after-sales service which adds significant value to a customer’s manufacturing process.

To know how ZOLLER India can upgrade your existing Tool Presetter, manage your tools in a smart way write to For more details, visit


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