Speroni measuring tool system that modified the concept of machinery

Speroni Classic
Speroni Classic

Chennai based Classic Engineering was in a predicament when their customers demanded a scale down in the costing of their product and needed a consistent solution to improve productivity, quality and on-time delivery. Speroni was able to pitch in and be a part of the solution offering a measuring tool that would help reduce the production time thereby meeting the demands of the customers without losses.


Classic Engineering is a manufacturing company that specializes in fabricating machines parts for varied Engineering industries. Welding, metal finishing, heavy metal fabrications are some of the other services provided by Classic Engineering. Exceeding customer’s expectations is their vision and they sincerely work to fulfill their demands to the best of their ability.

Speroni is an Italian based company that provides solutions for technical glitches with the greater added value that simplifies the complexities that occur in manufacturing. They have a glorious history of aiding varied industries with their unique problem – solving methods and delivering esteemed quality products that are cost effective which serve as a great help for a manufacturer. Advancing the use of resources to create the right tool for the right machine stipulates competence and precision to be decisive and accurate.


While operating a machine it is very important to have all the tools of accurate size as even a marginal misfit can hinder the function. There are two aspects to the functionality of a machine; one is less in cost but high in the operation of the machine and vice versa, high and cost but low in operation. If a tool needs to be 30 microns flat with no line then even a minute difference in the tool can be a huge roadblock in the operation of the machine that results into the increase in cost. Consequently, Classic Engineering had a customer that needed Windmill components however when the target price was decided by the customer it became a challenge for Classic Engineering to deliver the requirement without compromising on quality or bearing any losses. Hence they had two major challenges; first to meet the target price of the customer and second to provide quality components on time.


Using reverse engineering, Classic Engineering started analyzing ways to reduce production time. They needed to find a solution that would optimize production with effective use of manpower and machine and a fix that would be high performing reducing the operation cost. Classic decided to invest more in high-end tools that would serve as a solution to all the problems and thereby fulfill all the above requirements. Speroni offered their Tool Measuring System that was as per the set parameters which worked like a permanent and steady solution for the problem. With the help of this tool, Classic was able to meet the customer demands on time without a dip in quality.

The second aspect was that the tool could be used until it wore out up to 80% after which it needed to be replaced again with the utmost precision and accuracy meeting every parameter correctly. Speroni ensured that the tool was replaced explicitly without any errors in the required parameters.

“Speroni tool has been very helpful in increasing efficiency. Subsequently, it reduces manpower as the tool sets the machine explicitly in the correct parameters which optimise our production.”, says Managing Director of Classic Engineering Shri. A K Chenniappan.


Classic Engineering was able to function efficiently after overcoming this major setback. Customer’s needs were met as they delivered the products in time as per the criteria. This also developed a relationship of trust between Classic and Speroni thereafter Classic made sure that every tool is validated by Speroni before utilizing it.

Classic Engineering explained their precise acumen in quite an amusing way. While driving it is apparent to use a seatbelt for safety and protection that assures confidence, focus and control especially when you speed up. Similarly with a machine high speed changes the concept of machinery with proper measures and provides no room for human errors. Hence the tool measuring system works like a seatbelt for the high-speed machine, as the tool of a machine is constant rest everything is variable.

"The production time has reduced the utilization of machines by 25% and it is being used as an inspection machine for combination tools that set the machine accurately in the right parameters. The product has been very helpful, Speroni is not an instrument, it is like a machine, very rigid" says, a happy customer Mr. Dinesh

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