How REGO-FIX Helped an Indian Manufacturing MSMEs attain the benefits of best tool holding System

Regofix Rajkot
Regofix Rajkot

After using other tool holding systems, when Rajkot-based automotive components manufacturer opted for REGO-FIX powRgrip®, it realized the potential of a quality tool holding solution as the company achieved 30 per cent higher tool life with improved surface finish

Quality of tools is a vital parameter to check in machining and tooling to roll out the best components. Manufacturers pay due attention to choosing the best tools for their machining and tooling process. But the same alacrity is not seen when it comes to selecting the right tool holding systems for their tools.

But little do they realize, tool holding systems like tools, too, play a decisive factor in the final output. They improve tool life and ensure a better finish in the final product.

G K Industrial Components LLP, based in Rajkot, Gujarat, is one manufacturing company that realized this potential of adopting good tool holding systems with tangible results when they selected powRgrip® technology by REGO-FIX for their tootling unit.

G K Industrial Components LLP Gujarat-based manufacturing company adopted powRgrip® technology by REGO-FIX.

REGO-FIX is a pioneer in tool holding systems combining bringing world-renowned Swiss precision to the area of tool holding technology. The company offers a wide range of toolholders, clamping collets, clamping nuts, measuring technology and accessories for industries such as aerospace, medical, watchmaking, mould and die industry, machine tools, etc. 

The powRgrip® technology offered by REGO-FIX is an unparalleled high-quality tool holding solution available on the market. 

G K Industrial Components LLP manufactures components for the automotive industry. The company has been using tool holding systems offered by other solutions providers in the market. The experience with other products was far from satisfactory and the company was looking for a better technology provider in the segment. This is when the company decided to use powRgrip® technology offered by REGO-FIX in the following application:

Machining Details: Deep hole drilling Dia. 9.1mm with L/D 20mm
• Cutting Parameters : Vc 80, Frev 0.25
• Material to be cut: 165 mm
• Machine Details: VMC – AMS Make (MCV 450)
• Coolant Pressure: 50 bar
• Cutting Tool: Kennametal Make SC Drill
• Cutting Tool Holder:powRgrip®– Regofix  
• Workpiece Details: Drive Gear with Material AISI 8620 

According to Mohsin Khan, Production Manager, GK Industrial Components LLP, who has almost a decade of experience in the CNC segment, shares his worthwhile experience with REGO-FIX powRgrip®. “I have experience in different types of tools holding systems like ER, SLA, Hydro grip, & Heat Shrink, but not a single system can compete against powRgrip® by REGO-FIX.”

powRgrip technology tool holding systems

G K Industrial has been using the PG system in a vast range of applications like drilling, reaming, milling, and tapping for the last 2 years in their workshop and it provides them with excellent runout accuracy (< 3micron at L=3D) in tools as well as the highest clamping force. 

As a result of the excellent vibration dampening technology of the powRgrip® holder, the components manufacturer achieved tangible results. “We have achieved almost 30% better tool life than other systems while achieving a good surface finish,” he asserts.

What makes powRgrip® a unique combination of quality with assurance is the unparalleled 5-year warranty on the PG Unit, holder, and collet by REGO-FIX.

Mohsin, like many other satisfied customers, finds powRgrip® technology more reliable than other tool holding systems and sums up happily “This technology is unique for today and tomorrow.”


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