High clamping force and run-out accuracy: Rego-Fix powRgrip® solution to Kay Tee Tooling

Kay Tee Toolings Rego Fix Haas Clamping
Kay Tee Toolings Rego Fix Haas Clamping

Despite initial hesitance to invest in tool holding solutions, Chennai based die and mould manufacturing startup Kay Tee Tooling Technologies relied upon powRgrip® technology by REGO-FIX. The excellent results achieved with its high clamping force and run-out accuracy proved that the decision to select powRgrip® technology was the best decision taken.

Dies and moulds play a pivotal role in manufacturing a product or a component. Accuracy is the last word while manufacturing a die or mould since the smallest of defects can ruin the effort and render the final product or component defective as well. To ensure accuracy and manufacture high-quality dies and moulds, manufacturing tools for manufacturing die and mould are as important as the tool holding systems that support these tools. 

Kannan C

Kay Tee Tooling Technologies Private Limited. is a Chennai based Indian manufacturing startup, established in the year 2020 with an aim to manufacture high precision dies. The startup has the capability to design from the concept stage and comprehensive in-house facility to convert from raw material stage to finished product and focus on the foolproof manufacturing process. During the initial phase only, the company set a target to run its facility with 80% capacity within 6 months of its establishment. 

“We as a team, have more than 25 years collective experience in this die & mould manufacturing field and are involved in the concept stage, product design and the manufacturing of finished dies,” Kannan C N, Managing Director, Kay Tee Tooling Technologies said. 

Being in this field for many years, we prefer challenges and established this new facility last year, only to focus on manufacturing high precision dies rather than normal dies and apparently, the process required a precision tool & precision tool holding solution,” Kannan informed. 

The company leveraged the advantages of using the reliable tool holding system powRgrip by REGO-FIX and reaped benefits galore.   

REGO-FIX is a pioneer in tool holding systems combining bringing world-renowned Swiss precision to the area of tool holding technology. The company offers a wide range of ToolholdersClamping Collets, Clamping Nuts, Measuring Technology and Accessories for industries such as Aerospace, Medical, Watchmaking, Mould and die industry, Machine tools etc. 

The powRgrip® technology offered by REGO-FIX is an unparalleled high-quality tool holding solution available on the market.  

The company has been using many types of tool-holding systems like ER, SLA, Hydrogip, & Heat Shrink for its process and the PG system from REGO-FIX was a completely new technology introduced to it by M/s ToolSavvy. The die manufacturer applied REGO-FIX powRgrip® TECHNOLOGY in the following application. 

Application Details

  • Cutting Parameters: Vc 60 m /min, Feed: 1000mm/min, 0.10mm Depth of cut.
  • Material to be cut: Variable from 2mm – 20mm
  • Machine Details: VMC – HAAS VM2 @ 15,000 RPM
  • Coolant Pressure: 50 bar
  • Cutting Tool: Hitachi/ Mitsubishi
  • Cutting Tool Holder: Rego-Fix powRgrip®
  • Workpiece Details: Precision die Parts, HPDC & Injection moulding Die 
  • Work Material: SKD 61 (50 HRC)

Kay Tee Tooling has been using the REGO-FIX PG system for more than a year in its factory. The company has realized excellent results in terms of controlled Run-out Accuracy (< 3micron at L=3D) in every clamping and with the highest clamping force while reducing machining noise and giving a high die finish. “High Clamping force and controlled run-out make the Rego-fix power grip technology unique in comparison with the competitor technologies like Shrink-fit or Hydro-grip systems, Kannan said.  

“We sincerely feel, no other system can give such gripping power adding with the run-out accuracy like the powRgrip® System from REGO-FIX.”

Unlike other products in the category, the powRgrip® System can easily be fitted and kept on the shop floor and it requires no special care or maintenance. The extended 5-year warranty by REGO-FIX is another unique factor, Kannan admits, that helped them make the decision to go for it. “It is a unique feature that no other manufacturer assures, and it shows confidence in the product quality. We feel thankful for being a technology partner with REGO-FIX,” Kannan said.

Kannan admits harbouring the initial doubt about adopting this technology for the process but proudly reiterates his decision to use REGO-FIX powRgrip® System that made a huge difference to overall efficiency. “We were hesitant initially to go with this investment. But finally, we went ahead with this new system and today we realise that our decision was very right! powRgrip® System exactly served our purpose and requirements,” he concludes.


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