Cutting-edge Part & Mold Design Capabilities for Make in India Toy Manufactuirng: Download SANCO x SIMCON Case Story

Nandkumar Salunke Abhinabh Hazra
Nandkumar Salunke Abhinabh Hazra

Nandkumar Salunke led Sanco has managed to build up a competitive edge in Toy Manufacturing in India, by setting up their domestic capabilities in mould making last year, a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility at Chinchwad, Pune. Germany based SIMCON played an integral role in complementing their investments partnering for the right solution with their injection moulding software – CADMOULD & VARIMOS.

Pune based Sanco Dies & Moulds Private Limited houses one of India’s hi-tech tool rooms with a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. Sanco achieved this by making two key investments, one in the hardware space and one in software. On the hardware side, Sanco has built a domestic world-class tool room. As one of the first in India, it is heavily equipped with the latest technologies needed to manufacture complex moulds for various industries with world-class precision. 

Complementing these investments on the software side, Sanco significantly upgraded its capabilities in digital part, mould and process design. To do this, it entered a collaboration with cutting-edge simulation software vendor SIMCON, working closely with their local distribution partner ZW India. 

After extensive competitive comparisons, Sanco chose SIMCON’s plastic injection moulding simulation solutions over competing solutions. Engineered in Germany, SIMCON’s software has been one of the key factors supporting the uncompromising quality at the heart of German Engineering. For more than 30 years, SIMCON has worked with the most demanding customers – from German luxury automotive to consumer electronics, aerospace, toys, med-tech or packaging. 

On top of world-leading simulation accuracy for filling, fibre orientations and shrinkage and warpage, Sanco found the superior multi-sim computation speed compelling, which is unlocked by the simulation CADMOULD’s proprietary simulation engine. The engine’s blazing performance permits engineers to run several simulations in parallel on the same computer, at an unrivalled speed. 

As a result, engineers can work on several projects or project variants simultaneously. They can quickly investigate more design options, enabling faster learning. As a result, they catch and fix more errors before the mould is built, reducing surprises during tryouts, and saving costs and time because there fewer mould corrections are needed down the line. 

Nandkumar Salunke

Vatsal Naik, Technical Director of ZW India, the distribution partner of SIMCON in India, explains, “With a single workstation, we can simultaneously run several simulations, and yet we still have free capacity to work with other software, on the same computer at the same time. Our engineers can utilize their time more efficiently and we get better results, faster.”

Sanco found that the accuracy of the simulation software was more than 90%, which makes it industry-leading. CADMOULD also offers the most precise warpage simulation, as well as superior fibre orientation results. Nandkumar Salunkhe, founder of Sanco adds, “Investing into the software really paid off because we’ve been able to cut time to market AND reduce cost at the same time. Our customers are delighted!” 

SIMCON offers simulation software, services and targeted training to help plastic injection moulding professionals tackle their toughest cost, speed and accuracy challenges. In addition to the global resources, customers have access to in-region support and services provided via its local partners, such as ZW India.


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