Discover How Haas Supports Leonine in Producing High-Precision, Accurate Volume Components


In the dynamic world of precision component manufacturing, where every micron counts, Thane’s Leonine Engineers is a perfect example of technological progress and enduring partnerships. At the heart of their success story is a strategic alliance with Phillips Machine Tools (Haas Factory Outlet), whose machines have become the backbone of Leonine’s operations. From serendipitous midnight troubleshooting to a fleet of advanced machinery, this case story unravels how the synergy between Leonine and Haas translated into a saga of innovation, reliability, and growth.

Thane based Leonine Engineers, an enterprise carving niches in high-precision components, found their match in the HAAS VF-2-I series. These machines embody excellence with their robust design, exceptional repeatability, and cost-effectiveness. It was a night shift like any other when a new operator at Leonine faced a daunting machine error. Without a flicker of hesitation, the operator reached out to the local HAAS Service Engineer at Phillips Machine Tools – an expert who, even at midnight, stood ready to guide Leonine through the crisis. “I discovered the incident only the next morning,” recalls Mayank Momaya, Director of Leonine. “That’s the kind of support we’ve come to expect from HFO Phillips, where going above and beyond is just part of the service.”

Precision Machining at Its Peak: Leonine’ Journey with Phillips Machine Tools

Mayank Momaya’s journey with CNC began with a vision. His passion for engineering sparked the transition from traditional machinery to state-of-the-art CNC technology. The move was pivotal: “We soon realised that CNC is the future of machining,” Mr. Momaya reflects. “To scale, to evolve – we needed to integrate CNC machines into our plant.”

The decision to invest in HAAS machinery wasn’t made lightly. Leonine’s requirements were specific: they needed machines capable of ultra-precise operations for components demanding accuracies finer than 10 microns. HAAS rose to the occasion with their in-house manufactured critical components and advanced control systems, making them an ideal choice for Leonine.

Embracing the Power of CNC with Phillips & Haas

After witnessing the superior performance of their first HAAS VF-2, Leonine never looked back. Their inventory expanded, now boasting six Vertical Machining Centers and thirteen CNC Lathes, all HAAS-branded and all with advanced features that make precision routine.

Leonine extols not only the machines’ design but also the intuitive HAAS control system, a marvel of modern engineering with user-friendly interfaces and powerful memory and connectivity features. “Owning a machine with its own control system offers vast advantages,” asserts Mr. Momaya, “from optimized performance to simplified troubleshooting.”

Unmatched Technical Support & Customer Experience

“My experience with HAAS has been nothing short of amazing,” says Mr. Momaya. This sentiment encapsulates Leonine’s journey with HFO Phillips—a partnership defined by outstanding technical support and an unmatched customer experience. Looking to the future, Mr. Momaya’s confidence in HAAS is unshaken, “I will consider HAAS for our future needs. Their machines have elevated our productivity and significantly enhanced the quality of our products.”

As Leonine Engineers continues to make its mark on the global manufacturing stage, its alliance with Phillips Machine Tools stands as a beacon of successful collaboration. Their joint story is one of mutual growth, trust, and a shared commitment to precision—a narrative that showcases how the right tools, backed by the right support, can forge not just components, but the future of manufacturing itself.


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