Bretagne Manutention & Verlinde provide Customized Solution for Cheese Dairy Plant’s Hoisting Challenges


A cheese dairy plant in Mayenne faced maintenance challenges with its chain hoists used in the cheese brining process. Bretagne Manutention, a longstanding partner of Verlinde and a trusted supplier of handling equipment to the manufacturer, offered a customized solution to address these issues.

Bretagne Manutention, a division of the Fenwick Group, specializes in the sale and maintenance of various handling equipment, including forklift trucks, electric pallet trucks, and aerial platforms. With their headquarters in Rennes and eight branches across Brittany and Mayenne, the company employs around 200 people. Some branches, like the one in Laval, have lifting equipment specialists who work in collaboration with Verlinde. Over the past 30 years, the Laval branch has provided maintenance and equipment services to a cheese dairy plant, which comprises approximately fifty handling products.

The Mayennaise cheese plant operates a brining room where the cheeses are soaked in a brine bath for salt absorption. The room houses seven dipping tanks, each equipped with a hoist to handle trays filled with cheese. These trays go through multiple stages of brine soaking before being transferred to the maturing cellar.

Despite regular lubrication, the cheese plant experienced corrosion issues with the chain hoists from a different manufacturer, leading to frequent production stoppages. During a visit, Dominique Denou, Sales Manager at Bretagne Manutention Laval, with his extensive experience in the food industry, recommended Verlinde EUROLIFT BH electric belt hoists as a replacement for the traditional chain hoists.

Verlinde EUROLIFT BH electric belt hoists meet the stringent hygiene standards of the food industry. These hoists feature a high-strength, rot-proof lifting belt and a dirt-free guide system suitable for various environments. The mechanically variable 2-speed lift motor, 2-speed steering motor, and sealed gearbox ensure precise and silent load movement ranging from 500 to 5000 kg.

To optimize the entire lifting solution and increase the hoists’ load capacities from 1000 kg to 1200 kg, the cheese plant requested a comprehensive study from Bretagne Manutention. Verlinde assisted in fulfilling these requirements.

The project also addressed specific structural constraints besides enhancing the lifting aspect. The brine room configuration did not allow for sufficient travel of the commonly used IPN rail hoists. Therefore, the existing structure had to be modified and the loads recalculated, which incurred significant costs. Verlinde proposed an alternative solution: relocating the hoist motor to gain height and reusing the existing galvanized hollow section rails.

After the successful installation of the first EUROLIFT BH hoist in 2020, maintenance operations and corrosion issues were significantly reduced. Subsequently, the remaining six hoists were replaced, resulting in fewer breakdowns and production downtime. Bretagne Manutention Maintenance handles the ongoing maintenance, ensuring regular monitoring and visits every six months.

Dominique Denou expressed satisfaction with the customer’s positive feedback since the installation of the first EUROLIFT BH hoist, emphasizing the improvement in hygiene and reduced downtime due to corrosion. He praised Verlinde’s continuous support, from selecting the suitable belt to adjusting it according to specific constraints, highlighting their commitment to delivering premium solutions and providing comprehensive assistance throughout the project.


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