Adani Group uses Matrix Solutions to handle Contractors and Workers at Multiple Locations


Adani Group, located in Gujarat (India), is the Oil & Gas industry with more than 900 contractors, more than 50 thousand workers, and more than 14 hundred work orders.


Adani has many business units and ports at varied locations. It was important to have a central location to handle entire attendance, diverse shifts, and leave policies. It was cumbersome to allot tasks to workers based on needs, skills under a contractor, and verification against the respective contractor’s report. The various uphill tasks were to assign apt tasks to a worker, monitor the progress status of every work order, and segregate reports. An urgent need was to generate reports to avoid fraudulent, wrong payment of wages at the contractors’ end. Timely, precise payroll processing was mandatory to enhance overall productivity.


Matrix proposed the COSEC Contract Workers Management solution to cater to the four locations with more than 900 contractors and more than 50,000 workers. COSEC is a centralized attendance management solution for all these locations to automate all processes from recording entries to processing salaries. COSEC has features to enroll worker credentials combined with photographs, documents, and induction details. Contractors can efficiently manage workers through the Contractors Self-service portal.

This solution makes multiple connectivities possible through Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and mobile broadband. Users can track the progress of work orders. Seamless integration with SAP through the database to database linking is possible for real-time notifications for exceptional cases through email and SMS.



  • Minimized manual interventions
  • Error-free person-hours computation for rapid and efficient wages’ calculation
  • Improved security with centralized control and monitoring resulting in decreases time needed by the Security department
  • Smooth and effective monitoring of work orders
  • Easy decision making because of customized reports
  • Admin productivity increase by 20 percent
  • Enhanced security with effective worker’s enrollment process adhering to varied induction levels.


●          COSEC CENTRA LE

     ○          Application Software Platform Expandable up to One million Users

●          COSEC LE CWM

     ○          Contract Workers Management Module for COSEC CENTRA LE

●          COSEC DOOR FOW

     ○          Fingerprint and RF Card based Door Controller with Wi-Fi Connectivity

●          COSEC PATH DCFM

     ○          Fingerprint, Mifare Card and NFC based Door Controller

●          COSEC VEGA FAX

     ○          Fingerprint and RF Card-based Premium Door Controller with Touch sense LCD, IP65, Wi-Fi, POE

●          COSEC DOOR FOP

     ○          Fingerprint and RF Card-based Premium Door Controller with LCD and Keypad


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