A Strategic Partnership: The Prescription for Permedica’s Success

The implementation of Seco Tools' recommendations resulted in a significant increase in productivity, estimated at over 40% .

Permedica, an Italian medical implant manufacturer, has been experiencing exponential growth in its business, driven by the surging global market demand for medical implants. However, this rapid expansion has posed significant challenges to Permedica’s productivity. To address these issues, Permedica embarked on a strategic partnership with Seco Tools, a leading global solution provider of metal cutting solutions. This article explores how this partnership has become the perfect medicine for Permedica, boosting its productivity and paving the way for future growth.

As the demand for Permedica’s high-quality medical implants soared, the company found it increasingly difficult to keep up with production requirements. Despite internal efforts to enhance resources and streamline manufacturing processes, Permedica faced complex operational challenges that demanded a more comprehensive solution. The family-owned nature of the business also meant that they had limited time and resources to tackle every issue.

The turning point for Permedica came when a distributor’s parent company recommended a meeting with Seco Tools in 2022. Following an assessment of Permedica’s CNC department, a pilot project was initiated to address a key productivity bottleneck related to the hip cup products in the supply chain.

Permedica’s Sales Manager, Federico Perego, highlights the significance of the partnership, stating that Seco Tools’ team provided a clear assessment of the problem and presented a structured proposal to address it. Their transparency and commitment to finding a practical solution instilled trust in Permedica, leading to the collaboration.

By working closely with Seco Tools, Permedica was able to overcome challenges related to programming and tool selection in its CNC department. The implementation of Seco Tools’ recommendations resulted in a significant increase in productivity, estimated at over 40% by Federico Perego. Additionally, the collaboration enabled Permedica to optimize machine capacity during unmanned shifts, leading to enhanced efficiency and output.

Machining of the Femoral.

Buoyed by the initial success, Permedica and Seco Tools are further expanding their collaboration. Initiatives such as the installation of tool vending machines to improve warehouse management are already underway. Permedica’s satisfaction with the partnership is evident as they continue to place orders for tools, highlighting the mutual benefits derived from the relationship.

Federico Perego emphasizes that the collaboration with Seco Tools is only the beginning of a long-term partnership. Both companies envision leveraging their respective strengths to support Permedica’s ambitious growth plans. With Permedica aiming to become a million-customer company and Seco Tools targeting growth in the medical sector, the foundations for a fruitful and enduring partnership have been laid.

The strategic partnership between Permedica and Seco Tools has proven to be the ideal remedy for Permedica’s productivity challenges. By leveraging Seco Tools’ expertise and innovative solutions, Permedica has experienced a significant increase in productivity and capacity. The collaboration serves as a testament to the power of strategic partnerships in addressing complex business challenges and fueling growth. As Permedica continues on its growth trajectory, the partnership with Seco Tools promises to be a key driver of success in the dynamic and expanding medical implants market.


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