108 Ambulances Improved Their Productivity With Matrix Time-Attendance Solution

  • Madhya Pradesh’s mobile medical units, a project to improve health care facilities in rural areas, by creating mobile clinics with easy access.
  • The project met with challenges of attendance monitoring, to which Matrix Time-Attendance solution proved to be the real-time solution.
  • Over 144 devices installed monitoring ambulances and the medical staff, resulting in increased productivity.

With the growing medical casualties in the past four months, rural areas suffered the most when it came to accessing quality health care facilities. There have been multiple attempts in establishing sound treatment ways to reach to the masses, a lot of them succumbed to the vulnerabilities of time, distance and record management.  One such effort was initiated by Ziqitza Health care Limited, to implement “Madhya Pradesh Emergency Medical Ambulance and Healthcare Services”, for the government. These are supposed to be mobile clinics, it would travel in rural areas, covering every small village. But the project could not have been successful, without the Time-Attendance solution by Matrix. It eliminated a major loop-hole in management and provided a hassle-free medical reach.

Initial Challenge

Though the entire project was well established, but considering that the mobile clinic would always be in motion on the roads, managing attendance records of doctors and nurses were a problem.  The greater challenge was, the vibrations from a moving vehicle made it difficult to install any attendance marking device, in addition to that provision of LAN connection was not attainable, device connectivity further increased the hurdles. Hence, despite of a strong and efficient health care model, the Madhya Pradesh government, found itself, admits the issue of keeping a track of 144 ambulances, including doctors and health care staffs. It was only the elimination of this major challenge that would help potently implement the mobile clinic ambulance service.

Matrix to rescue

Matrix with a reputation of providing IT based security and telecom solutions, after detailed discussions,  presented resilient and reliable devices and software to the government for solving the problem in Madhya Pradesh Mobile Units for rural areas. They provided Time-attendance solution, which would record accurate attendance of doctors and nurses, and also kept a track of each of these ambulances having more than 700 users. The capturing model combines the IP rated camera and door controllers into a single metal enclosure, keeping all the connectivity easy to use. Their devices were installed in such a manner that it can withstand the vibrations of a moving vehicle, eliminating the initial challenge. The solution, provides for a real-time data transfer, with an auto push technology it can transfer data to the server in real-time by simple use of USB data dongle. Around 144 devices have been installed in ambulances so far, resulting in an increased productivity and efficient implementation of the initiative.

Company’s core

Matrix was established in 1991, being a leader in their industry they consider themselves as an innovative, technology-driven and customer focused organisation. They have dedicated their work to creating a well updated and proficient provider in pace with the revolutions of the security and telecom industry. With R&D as a larger focus, they have committed their 40% of man power into manufacturing of new products like Video surveillance systems, network video recorder and IP camera, Time-Attendance as well as Telecom solutions like, Unified Communications, Universal Gateways and communication Endpoints etc. Their global appearance extends to the grounds of Asia, Europe, North America, etc. Their long-termed service has proved them as a feature-rich, reliable and competent of international standards.  They give a word to their consumers, on delivering products that serve the needs of the customers faster and longer. With 2500 channel partners, matrix is a proud holder of many international awards and has achieved limitless trust and admiration from his consumers representing the entire spectrum of industries.

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