Machine Maker

Hari Shanker

Master Storyteller of Manufacturing

Hari Shanker is widely known as the “Master Storyteller of Manufacturing,” a moniker earned through his unwavering commitment to reshaping the narrative of the Indian manufacturing sector. His expertise spans various domains: storytelling, sales, media – print, visual and digital, marketing, communications, branding, and organising events. A native of Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, Shanker completed his schooling at Government Model Boys High School, followed by higher education at Government Arts College and University College. His professional journey started at 19 when he joined IPF with Business Press as a space-selling executive in Delhi. By 2001, as Regional Manager, he was at the helm of Rashtra Deepika Limited’s Thiruvananthapuram and Kollam units.
In 2004, Shanker embarked on his entrepreneurial journey, establishing Industrial Business MART in Bangalore. However, rather than seeing himself as a business professional, he identifies as an entrepreneur driven by a passion for transforming the media landscape for the B2B manufacturing sector. His innovative approach to journalism and storytelling has been revolutionary, leading to a paradigm shift that has earned him admiration even from competitors. To his credit, Shanker has founded four companies and launched five publications. He is currently the Publisher of Machine Maker and Metro Mart magazines. In 2016, he ventured into another startup, The IMPALS, aimed at empowering the communications of manufacturing companies.
Aside from his business endeavours, Shanker is a regular guest lecturer at schools and colleges, deeply committed to guiding the next generation of leaders. In addition, he travels extensively, promoting Indian manufacturing on both national and international stages. He firmly believes that growth eventually comes when adding value to businesses. Hari Shanker is on a relentless pursuit, transformation, and a passion for making a difference in the Indian manufacturing sector. These qualities infuse every page of “Change Makers of Indian Manufacturing.”