With innovation as their vision, Esbee Power solutions PVT. LTD. to participate in Boiler exhibition 2022


Esbee Power Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is excited to participate in Boiler 2022. Looking forward to healthy competition during the exhibition to help them grow and understand customer needs for better deliverables.

Started in 2008, as a design engineering and consultancy firm, Esbee Power Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is an industrial manufacturer and has started manufacturing of boilers since last 2 years. They have executed projects in field of boilers and turbines, and are also a leading manufacturer of special power plant equipments, heat exchangers and pollution control equipments. The company has a patent for innovative technology in field of boilers. The company’s production plant is based in Indapur, Pune, Maharashtra and the head office is located in Baner, Pune, Maharashtra.

“I would say it is more of a brand promotion than anything else, it’s a way of brand building and getting known in the industry” says Pranshant Bahirgonde, the Director of Esbee Power Solutions private limited. They have visited the boiler exhibition 2020, and already know a lot of manufacturers from the invited members to the boiler exhibiton 2022, planning to enhance their network in Boiler Exhibition 2022. With plant located just 120 km away from Pune, Esbee Power solutions are also planning to get their hands on other products with boilers. Prashant Bohirgonde also added “building brand is my expectation from the boiler exhibition 2022” 

Dash Board Switch

Planning to expand globally with the domestic reach and make India shine in other countries as well, Esbee Power solutions have some business going on in Africa and some part of Asia continent.

The competition is the only way to give perfect solutions to the customers and help meet their needs, taking competition healthy, and with innovation as their passion, they are planning to grab some share in the market of the Boiler industry. They believe in continuously striving towards achieving the vision through motivation, training and development of its employees, suppliers and customer’s empowerment to face the energy challenges of tomorrow and save the future trouble.

ESBEE is planning to be one of the most valued companies in the field of energy and environment through efficient and economical management of natural resources. It converts the commercially non-useable/exploitable form of energy into a suitable form in the most efficient and economical manner. To achieve this mission, they invest in research and technology and build systems continuously for the benefit of the mankind and nature in all manners.

With ‘Innovation Is Our Passion’ as the tagline of the company, Esbee Power Solutions, thanks India for introducing ‘Make In India’ initiative, which helped hundreds of the companies suitable for the international standards. International trade can bring growth to the country, motivating small companies to work harder and grow exponentially. Many countries in African continent and some of the Asian countries prefer products made by Esbee Power Solutions PVT. LTD. thanks to Make In India.

Pranshant Bahirgonde concludes the interview saying, “The competitors motivate us to upgrade and advance in our field and get innovative, Esbee Power will bring some charm to this exhibition, and will surely stand up to the clients expectations and leave an impact on every one present at the exhibition.”


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