Thermic Fluid Heaters & Boilers for Business & Environment: Bozzler Energy at Boiler India 2022

Ravi Yadav Jayesh Patel
Ravi Yadav Jayesh Patel

Bozzler Energy is one of the leading manufacturers of heating equipment for a wide range of modern technologies. For the very first time, Bozzler Energy will be participating in the second edition of the Boiler India 2022 exhibition organised by Orangebeak Technologies, which will be held from 14th to 16th September 2022 at the CIDCO Exhibition Centre, Navi Mumbai.

Bozzler Energy Pvt Ltd is one of futuristic manufacturer making in India, driven by very passionate professionals, who hold expertise in machine designing, industrial practices and a sense of social responsibility.  “Bozzler is one of the youngest and most enthusiastic brands of Thermic Fluid  Heaters and Boiler”, says Ravi Yadav, CEO, during an interview with Machine Maker. Joining him the Chairman and Managing Director of Bozzler Energy Jayesh Patel add, “We strive towards upgrading ourselves and our products in order to achieve excellence in our field of industry.” 

Bozzler’s team shares a vision of producing efficient and durable products, delivering only the best

Jayesh Patel mentions that they have been in this field since 2007 and started the company together in 2014 with the vision of being the global leader in the domain of heating equipment manufacturing, and inspiring other companies to produce efficient and eco-friendly heating equipment. “We are excited to participate in Boiler since this is our first time. We have visited Boiler in the past and have found it to be an amazing platform to work with to position ourselves in the Boiler market.”   

Bozzler believes in the continuous development of themselves 
and their products, catering to the needs of their customers.

Jayesh Patel and Ravi Yadav informed the Machine Maker team about the new designs of Thermic Fluid Heaters which will be launched at the Boiler India. These new designs are extremely suitable for environmental health and eco-friendly, being a revolutionary product, they provide pollution control equipment with every prototype. Pollution was a major concern in the boiler market, but say no more, a revolutionary step taken by Bozzler, including different filters multicycle dust collectors, etc. 

With the innovative presentation, Bozzler is planning to display their product using tech like VR and Holograms, which will make them see company products from the exhibition itself. “We want to help our customers to be able to not only visualise but see our factory and products from there only”, said Jayesh Yadav.  

Bozzler’s Combitherm Series Thermic fluid heaters

Bozzler not only focuses on manufacturing heating solutions which are efficient and durable but also takes steps toward environmental protection and development of the society. They provide pollution control equipment with all their products, and always insist their customers buy them by not supplying their units without any pollution control.

Bozzler Energy takes several initiatives to bring awareness about the necessity of pollution control in the boiler industry. “To minimize pollution, all we can do is improvise our technologies and introduce new inventions, not just by us, but by other companies as well. We follow all the rules for environmental regulations. We aspire to not only deliver the best products to our customers but also fulfil our social responsibility towards the environment”, said Ravi Yadav. 

“We are not only generating income through our business but also supporting the environment”, added Jayesh Patel. As first-timers, Bozzler Energy will showcase their advanced solutions at Boiler India 2022 and has high expectations from their participation.

Bozzler Energy is hoping that Boiler India will bring new customers, and help them to expand their market. “I’m hoping in the exhibition I can encourage more companies to come up with more efficient and eco-friendly technologies”, concludes Ravi Yadav. 


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