Tata Power contributes 35% of the clean energy in the country: Vijay Namjoshi

Vijay Namjoshi CEO Tata Power CGPL
Vijay Namjoshi CEO Tata Power CGPL

TATA Power completed 100 years in 2015 and looking at its business through social responsibility. They will be participating in the second edition of the Boiler India 2022 exhibition which is scheduled from the 14th to the 16th of September 2022, at the CIDCO Exhibition Centre, Navi Mumbai, with an aim to provide great value from TATA Power to the business visitors and also encourage students to actively participate in the industry.

Tata Power is all set to exhibit its latest power plant models and technologies at Boiler Expo 2022. Tata Power brings out the best learnings for the students through these exhibitions and at Boiler Expo by exhibiting their models, they expect to grab the attention of the visitors. Tata Power plays a major role in producing energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions significantly through its different business verticals. 

In an exclusive interview with Machine Maker, Vijay Namjoshi, President of Generation at TATA Power said that the activities of TATA Power came into existence in 1915, and it celebrated its successful 100 years in 2015. With the vision of Jamshedji Tata, who saw water wastage in the western ghats, Tata Power converted this wastage into power that can address the city of Mumbai and other small towns nearby. 

It was very hard to convince the loom owners to change from diesel engines to electrical ones. As the electricity demand increased they kept increasing the units. The requirement of thermal units is load centre, availability of fuel, and availability of water; Mumbai served as the best location. Today they are producing 9 GigaWatt of electricity, and Tata Power is looking forward to adding more renewable and sustainable energy units. “It’s state of the art” comments Mr Namjoshi, talking about the Boilers of 30 MegaWatt to 830 MegaWatt critical units as one of the biggest in the country. 

With a total power generation of 13735 MW, Tata Power contributes 35% of the clean energy in the country. Tata Power’s Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) are dedicated to the betterment of society and the development of sustainable technologies. The main power is generated through their Thermal Power Plants which is 9032.5 MW, established at 6 locations. 

Mr Namjoshi shares his insights on the boiler expo and how it can improve technological advances. Tata Power has held the respect of all the industry by introducing new technologies in India. “We are the torchbearer” comments Vijay Namjoshi proudly. Tata’s hydropower plant distributes 65% of the energy to the domestic market. With continuous innovation for sustainable and green technologies, Tata Power has revolutionized the Green Energy Sector. They also help convert waste from industries into green energies thus reducing greenhouse gas emissions drastically. 

Tata Power has set up various plants at Haldia and in Jamshedpur (Power 6) based on the blast furnace and coke oven gases which are waste gases from steel making process which help in reducing greenhouse gas emissions significantly

“You get to see what new technologies are there in the country; you get to share and receive knowledge,” says Mr Namjoshi, regarding attending the exhibitions. Tata Power always believes in innovation and providing new technology for India. They are always the first company to establish and operate new technologies within India. Tata Power always researches how they can make new technologies safer and more reliable, and Boiler India 2022 is a great way to discover new things for Tata Power. 

Vijay Namjoshi says that their emphasis always was ‘Make in India, “Grateful to see that Indian boiler manufacturers are doing exceptional in the global market” he comments. Indian manufacturers are ready to take on new challenges and make India proud. Tata Power looks forward to showcasing its types of thermal units, sulfur emission controls, and many different models related to end users.


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